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  1. I'm retired and have been for a while, but I have no intentions of giving up my username. I built my legacy on that name, a strong account, lead many clans, made countless friends. That name is mine until I die and Jagex pries it from my cold dead hands.
  2. Skill: Mining When: August 2012 How long? Ages, no seriously like 5~ years of grinding away at it. How did i get it: Mined coal until I could get mith, Mined mithril until I could mine addy, then pretty much did the bulk of it after the solely mining addy or rune ores to 99. In short I did it the hard way
  3. (Speed) bump. I <3 MaSoRS
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  6. We are on PS3/4, Xbox systems and PC I personally play on a PS4 myself!
  7. Hello everyone, I know by know some of you may of heard of my retirement from Runescape. I want to assure everyone that I will be continuing to lead our merry band of misfits and have no intention of letting my retirement changing that fact. That being said I will still continue to check our thread as often as possible so feel free to post here or you may also send me a PM if you prefer. -Garagedwella
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