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  1. Anime Discussion

    Netflix live action version of Death Note is up. Curious to see how it stacks up to the other ones.
  2. Another username clear-up

    I'm retired and have been for a while, but I have no intentions of giving up my username. I built my legacy on that name, a strong account, lead many clans, made countless friends. That name is mine until I die and Jagex pries it from my cold dead hands.
  3. First Level 99?

    Skill: Mining When: August 2012 How long? Ages, no seriously like 5~ years of grinding away at it. How did i get it: Mined coal until I could get mith, Mined mithril until I could mine addy, then pretty much did the bulk of it after the solely mining addy or rune ores to 99. In short I did it the hard way
  4. The MaSoRS - Miners & Smithers of RuneScape - Est. 2003

    (Speed) bump. I <3 MaSoRS
  5. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

  6. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    Always looking for fresh blood across all platforms! (PC included!)
  7. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    We are on PS3/4, Xbox systems and PC I personally play on a PS4 myself!
  8. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    Hello everyone, I know by know some of you may of heard of my retirement from Runescape. I want to assure everyone that I will be continuing to lead our merry band of misfits and have no intention of letting my retirement changing that fact. That being said I will still continue to check our thread as often as possible so feel free to post here or you may also send me a PM if you prefer. -Garagedwella
  9. Many thanks to all of you who have reached out to me today to send me birthday wishes! Thanks again guys :)

    1. Kunio


      oh I thought you were the dead! happy birthday, even though I'm a bit late.

  10. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    We are recruiting across all platforms! - Bump
  11. The MaSoRS - Miners & Smithers of RuneScape - Est. 2003

    Bump! Join MaSoRS!
  12. The MaSoRS - Miners & Smithers of RuneScape - Est. 2003

    MilkN2Sugars is slacking off again JOIN US!
  13. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    Bump! Still recruiting across all platforms!