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  1. I'm not able to read through the comments at the moment, Internet is down at my house for whatever raisin (and I'm sitting outside my cousin's house, lol), so don't be mad about my inactivity .
  2. No excuses.
  3. Are you even trying?
  4. I don't think he should be killed or removed from the game from editing his first post on the first page, lol. I'm sure no one else would have noticed it if I hadn't mentioned it, sorry Sumurai XD.. You should put numbers in front of the roles so we're no as confused :I... Like, (#) ROLE - stuff.
  5. EDITING YOUR POST MR CHEATER PANTS!?!??! Also, I go to my grandfather's for a few hours and there's already 3 pages >.>??
  6. My personal opinion is around the time of my death all thinking and logic went out the window. People followed whoever pointed their finger first and whoever shouted the loudest. Up until then I thought it was a great game. Logical thinkings and such. Someone write in a rule that if you're inactive for two straight days you're lynched automatically. -.-
  7. I don't think inactive members should be allowed to vote.
  8. I meant to erase the first two lines of that message... Soooo. Ignore that bit, lol. I realized there's 7 people left.
  9. 3/4?? How're you getting this number?? With that same number you could put yourself, senug, Mega, AND sliver as mafia... You and mega were quick to jump on me as mafia.. You're making a mistake killing me. If any of the rest of you had any sense you'd follow me. My vote's for PK.
  10. @Amoa So you're going with the first person to scream "mafia" at the other?? You both seem mafia-ish to me. I know for a fact that I'm a townie. It seems the mafia have already won this I guess.
  11. Wait what O,O... But I AM a townie .
  12. There is hope!
  13. Took the words out of my mouth @senug. Mega was pretty quick to jump on the PK killing wagon. I find that a little suspicious and mafia-ish. I'm still unsure where to place my vote. PK and Mega both seem a little suspicious to me.
  14. With that logic, everyone is mafia except you.