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  1. Didn't see your comment til now! Haha thank you! :) I love the sport!

  2. Last one to post wins

    So what have I been missing? Oh. Not much I see... I am still winning after all...
  3. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    -1 ...
  4. Last one to post wins

    Neither do you...
  5. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Yeah! We can win this -8
  6. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Hahaha... -7
  7. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    :3 (Get distracted by the smiley and don't post more ) -3 !!
  8. Last one to post wins

    I will now go sleep knowing that my post is making me win...
  9. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    The rules only state there is a limited number of posts per person per page... so... -3
  10. What are you currently listening to?

    Home Sweet Home - ChianoSky
  11. What are you currently listening to?

    Juggernauts - Enter Shikari
  12. Last one to post wins

    Yeah, about that...
  13. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Not at all... -3
  14. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    I'm helping... to keep you busy -1
  15. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Because we like it Mwhuahaha. -1