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  1. Updated log! Now with added Clues! 10k-500k Rewards 501k - 1m Rewards 1m+ Rewards
  2. Remove members banner from f2p screen.

    just to further clarify what wasn't said, I don't know where you got your information but RuneHQ admins do NOT have any pull with Jagex.
  3. Stats Reduced in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

    super restore potion maybe? They probably dropped due to lack of earmuffs/facemask combined item, or a full slayer helmet.
  4. I aim for about 600k+ is a none reroll, unless it's a specific item I've been after.
  5. Well I'll be updating this with a new post every so often, here's all my screenshots so far though! Clues are quickly found from Priff elves, and I have not separated Hard and Elite clue rewards because I'm doing them both as soon as I get them. Most Recent Update: https://www.runehq.com/forums/topic/42208-bazzys-clue-extravaganza/?tab=comments#comment-314653 Current Running Total: 25,754,028 GP. 10k-500k Rewards 501k-1m 1m+
  6. Hallowe'en Event 2017

    I feel if it's made a permanent quest, where's the Halloween item for players this year? Unless they take out part of the reward, which then makes you wonder why finish it after the event.
  7. I can confirm and clarify this update to the guide. Our guide currently says it's next to the bridge between Sophanem and Menaphos. That bridge does not exist anymore. It's now the boxes a very short distance south west of the pyramid plunder pyramid.
  8. Submission Added:Antipoison

    Previous Topic archived due to Email address of user being visible. File: oldschoolquest/observatory-quest Section: oldschoolquest Members: Yes Username: Rauno.kruus Info: Basically you can get antipoison inside the ruin where you climb down the ladder..
  9. You should all visit our discord server!

  10. Fire the Balista's

    Everyone, please welcome the newest Chat Moderator, Balista!
  11. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  12. Super Restore (4) is only made by combining lower dose Super Restores, to create 4 doses. However it would be a good idea to link the lower dose potions to this page and vice versa. Do we have a potion making page separate from the Herblore guide that we could link it to as well?
  13. Cards Against Humanity! Kicking off Discord events will be the ever Glorious Cards Against Humanity! This event will be on Saturday the 22nd of April, hosted by our very own chat staff! We shall hopefully all be there to play alongside you all. Voice optional, although would make the event TEN times better. Date of Event: Saturday 22nd April When: 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 12am British Summer Time Where: Discord Events channel See you there!
  14. To be continued

    I'll be in charge of the Chat Moderators. Thanks again everyone!
  15. To be continued

    Cheers guys, I look forward to helping anywhere I can.