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  1. Gratz!
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  3. You do get money from level 1s even though it says you are 11 level higher. Edited: It doesn't actually give more money but at least, you steal money from people who don't play the Forum battle. Also, if you still have some strength but you don't want to use potions, the low levels are the perfect opponents.
  4. Hello everyone, I am here to give you some tricks I learned from playing the Forum Battle. Trick #1 - Maximize your experiences using as low as possible the strength potions Requirements: Enough potions to replenish all your strength for each attack This was the method I used during the Forum Battle Competition #3. As some of you may have noticed, you don't actually need to use a revive when your Hp goes to 0. When the attacker's attack expire, you will be revived with the same amount of Hp he took. I found out how the Battle System works: not only you get revived but also, the attacker's strength get replenished. In other words, each time you attack, it removes your strength but it will be back after the attack expires. Example: 1. At 8:00PM, I decide to attack Lilroo Justic3 attacks Lilroo. Justic3 used 40 Str & Lilroo died Stats (Before/After) Justic3 - Hp: 100 & Str: 50/ Hp: 100 & Str: 10 Lilroo - Hp: 100 & Str: 50/ Hp: 0 & Str: 50 Attack will expire in 1h30 (9:30PM) 2. Then, I use a strength potion (30 str replenished) Stats (Before/After) Justic3 - Hp: 100 & Str: 10/ Hp: 100 & Str: 40 3. At 8:05PM, I decide to attack Reputabit Justic3 attacks Reputabit Justic3 used 20 Str & Reputabit died Stats (Before/After) Justic3 - Hp: 100 & Str: 40/ Hp: 100 & Str: 20 Reputabit - Hp: 100 & Str: 50/ Hp: 0 & Str: 50 Attack will expire in 1h30 (9:35PM) 4. At 9:30 PM, my strength will be back to kill Lilroo again and if I attack before 9:35PM, my strength will be replenished once again to kill Reputabit and this, without using any potion *I asked to Steve about the health regeneration and this was his answer: Trick #2 - Attacking/Killing in less than 1 second Requirements: None If you don't want to waste too much time on the Forum Battle, this trick is for you! Attacking someone require clicking "Attack" next to the name. After you clicked on it, it brings you to the weapons page. The click actually performs an URL change (like clicking "Battle", "Awards" on RuneHQ will redirect you to their page). Example: http://www.runehq.com/forums/index.php?app=ibprobattle&module=attack&m=25&w=68 If you click on the URL above, it will attack Lilroo503_NM with a Fist of Thok. "m=25" is the number of the member, it can found in the URL bar when visiting their profile. Changing the number will change the person that you will attack. "w=68" is the number of the Weapon ID. It can be found next to their name by clicking on the link View Weapons (http://www.runehq.com/forums/ibprobattle/weapons/). Changing the number will change the weapon you will use to attack. To save the link, I use the Favorites in the browser. Tips - Never buy Health Potions, they are useless, I mainly focus on Strength Potions and Minor Revive. - If you still have some attacks available but you have a low strength, kill the low levels. They will give you money. If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to post.
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