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  1. Good V.S Evil!

  2. Good V.S Evil!

  3. who has the next game? it's finals time for me so i can't
  4. ODP: just saying you would have already won if you had lynched raider rather than me now it seems like you are stuck in an infinite loop of werewolf conversions for all time while its not technically a paradox its as close as you can get while remaining linear so good luck fixing a pseudo-paradox
  5. that could lead to an everlasting conversions race that would undoubtedly lead to a werewolf win.
  6. not much point in pretending i wasn't
  7. raider i was only converted because i was helping so much yesterday
  8. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  9. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  10. well now we need to look through today and see if theres anybody we think is suspicious based on the conversation so far and discuss that. also lets hope the doctor does come out since there is no kill mechanic other than lynching and the doctor can't be converted. we do not want to accidentally lynch the doctor because if we do accidentally lynch the doctor the only way to win after that would be if the werewolves did not convert anybody and we lynched a werewolf every day. ok good information but just to clarify if the doctor is protecting a werewolf that the other werewolves attack the protected werewolf will still be converted into a townie correct?
  11. we have too in order to win. and we must do it quickly. we do not however want to risk losing the doctor and detective the only non-convertible townies in the game and the only way we will lose them is by accidentally lynching them.
  12. breakdown for senug so he can answer the question within and so that perhaps everyone else can read this easier
  13. just woke up will do that for you in a bit @ scooty no everyone here has enough honor that they will not rig the game. also no they wouldn't become a townie the doctor has to protect them to convert them back to townie. scooty this game is as much about logic and reason as it is about deception and subterfuge and right now the most logical thing to do is to have them come out @ pk as raider said we still would not lynch either one. the doctor just protects one of them and the detective( the real one they know who they are investigates the other one.
  14. also forgot to say this but as i explained it is difficult for the werewolves to learn each others identities anyway.