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    RuneHQ is so amazing! Every administrator (and all the members) is nice! I am thinking about starting a blog about my quest for the quest cape! What do you guys think? I don't even know how to start a blog yet so wish me luck!

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  1. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    OK this doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The staff are just too active! It should be changed so that staff take of 5 points, not set it to 0. Anyway...3!!!!!!
  2. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    10! Wow we are getting up there!
  3. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Uh oh we are getting low! Come on normal members! -6!
  4. I have been hacked two times in the past, and both times I lost me entire bank. The first time, I logged out while I was in the wilderness with a whip (unsckulled) and when I logged back in the whip was gone, but the 500k left in my bank was still there, as the hacker did not manage to get past my bank pin. However, I was then very stupid and did not change my password so what do you know! 2 weeks later I was hacked again! This time my bank was breached and the hacker left me in a santa suit with 1 gp. . To be fully honest I almost quit right then and there. I have never been good at making money and the prospect of starting over from scratch was maddening. Fortunately, someone at Jagex must have loved me because one month later I found ranger's boots in a clue scroll!