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    RuneHQ is so amazing! Every administrator (and all the members) is nice! I am thinking about starting a blog about my quest for the quest cape! What do you guys think? I don't even know how to start a blog yet so wish me luck!

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  1. OK this doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The staff are just too active! It should be changed so that staff take of 5 points, not set it to 0. Anyway...3!!!!!!
  2. 10! Wow we are getting up there!
  3. Uh oh we are getting low! Come on normal members! -6!
  4. I have been hacked two times in the past, and both times I lost me entire bank. The first time, I logged out while I was in the wilderness with a whip (unsckulled) and when I logged back in the whip was gone, but the 500k left in my bank was still there, as the hacker did not manage to get past my bank pin. However, I was then very stupid and did not change my password so what do you know! 2 weeks later I was hacked again! This time my bank was breached and the hacker left me in a santa suit with 1 gp. . To be fully honest I almost quit right then and there. I have never been good at making money and the prospect of starting over from scratch was maddening. Fortunately, someone at Jagex must have loved me because one month later I found ranger's boots in a clue scroll!