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  1. I DO NOT appreciate being attacked....

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    2. Double_D_Edd


      In all honesty, NOW you're making a scene. Why don't you just PM an admin and discuss things out? =/

    3. Sliver


      I wouldn't call any RuneHQ staff member F----- stupid,or use that language in RuneHQ

    4. Ammo


      *Popcorn munching*

  2. Last one to post wins

    Not a wiener of course. Lol.
  3. Last one to post wins

    I'mma winnnnnnnnner!
  4. Ugh, I hate being sick. It's like the devil has a grip on me....

    1. Condux4u


      :o well I guess you can put it like that
  5. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    FYI, it's purple and it's my favorite color! And thanks CoyotesFTW! :lol:
  6. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Thankssssss! :awesome:
  7. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    I guess I should of started here first. Haha. I work backwards. Hello! The name says it all in my username. I'm from Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA which is a very small town with 50,000 people. I'm a female gamer whose 23 (soon to be 24 in may!). I've been on RuneHQ for years, but never really signed up. I mainly used RuneHQ for quests, so here I am, officially a member! I've been playing runescape on and off since I was 13. I've lost my first Runescape account to a hacker . So, my Runescape name is called IT G I R L with a combat level of 69 (soon to be 70). I'm usually a solo player but I'm looking for a group or a clan to change that. I'm a very friendly and nice person to talk to, so don't be shy and say HI!
  8. Last one to post wins

    On your feet! The Queen has arrived!
  9. What are you currently listening to?

    Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen
  10. What are you currently listening to?