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    Hey everybody, welcome on my profile.

    I'm Nick, also known as Zaros Ultor. I'm a content/site editor since 6th May 2012. I joined RuneHQ because I wanted something to do when I was leveling afk skills.

    A few days later I found out how the submission boards work and I really wanted to help the site grow. So I started to post some new content, updates, ect.
    One month later I was a content editor. :P

    Play hard, but play fair. And enjoy!

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  1. Greg thinks he has a virus on his PC. He's temporally removed from staff and hasn't been on-line on MSN for 2 days. So I think you guys will have to wait a bit till he returns...
  2. I found the ghost peng!
  3. 0
  4. *death post* @Greg: I'll protect senug tonight. Wait... I'm dead... damn mafia Good luck townies!
  5. Boooooo
  6. Yeah, getting close to a majority: Sliverdager1 (P.S.: we got about 40% chance he's a mafia )
  7. It's even easier: If they claim to be cop and they aren't, the real cops will speak up. So... if someone claims cop and isn't one, 3 people will know they are lying. This is a risk no mafia member would ever take. Let's cut the "if". Fuller, Claudia and McSwindler are cops. _______________ I agree with kilvehk about Rose. She didn't say anything. Not even if she agrees with a vote. It is her first game, ofc. But that is no excuse for not posting. Rose
  8. Oh God, I would love to be mafia this game. Laughing my ass off while the townies are arguing and insulting each other. Even quitting... @Anthuny: Seriously? Quitting because you don't like someone? I'm not a huge fan of Claudia either (sorry, truth hurts ), but I just ignore the tone and read what she has to say. @Claudia: Just ignore their comments on attitude and such. They don't have to say how you should do the things you do Now, back to topic: Finding and lynching mafia members. @Anthuny: I assume the real police members would say it if Claudia or McSwindler aren't police. So I do believe they are good guys. About The_Eggman. I think you might be right about him... I've played 2 games with him. First time he was mafia and very quiet. the second one he was a townie and active. About Anthuny (yes, you): you are very active, so you should be a townie. But normal rules don't work in your case. The game we were both mafia, you were the most active player. I'm giving you the advantage of doubt, atm. As this talking will not get us anywhere, I suggest we go for either McSwindler or Eggman. Just because of their inactivity. If they don't post, we can't use them for a lynch = no lynch if we find a mafia member as the other mafia's won't lynch their own kind.
  9. Nope
  10. Belgian peeps = 10/10
  11. 0
  12. ^loser
  13. I think 10/14 players was needed for an end-the-day majority. I think normal majority vote was 8/14. ___________________________ Damn, we had to get 2 police roleclaiming @doc: I suggest you protect Claudia tonight... So... @Claudia, you are the only (more or less) confirmed townie with quit a bit of knowledge. Do you have any hunches, suspicions? I sorry to say, but I don't see anything that could help us Maybe this little thingy: is it safe to assume CapuDie isn't a cop? (Don't answer this, pls. Just throwing it out.) P.S.: un-vote
  14. True. But lynching him is a 3/15 or 4/15 chance on killing a mafia. Killing no-one is a 0/15 chance. And tbh, if he isn't one, will it be a huge loss?