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  1. I have not claimed my rightful place as as the winner of this thread in quite some time. Thank you everyone for keeping the seat warm for me.
  2. This place is too dead. I likes art and writing and stuff, and I don't like these sections being dead. So in an effort to keep it from being such... Lookie, teh foxie is posting lil poemy things she wrote >:3 Starting with... The feel of life, the taste of death The sound of your loved one's breath The world in motion, but this moment still Your mind filled only with the chill The world on fire, but his breath like ice Everything you freely sacrifice A night to remember, and a day to forget But not time in life, and no regret Cassadra L. ~ A Song of Love and Death Then a slightly older one Not but a simple servant bound Cast from heaven, never found Now I walk this lonely lake alone A pit of fire my own home My soul was tired and my feet were worn My fault not but a promise sworn The time was long, but the memories remain The images of my brothers slain Now with mind alight with burning reason Heaven will fall for me so called treason The angels fell first, their hearts soon broken Through there calls for help, no words were spoken And with their silent cries soon to fade No help from their master, their souls were paid Their streets of gold now ran red My old master having turned and fled And I sit there now on his golden thrown My promise again for you alone His slaves and land then set free His promise made good not through him, but me Though not today, my promise let be You'll not find salvation through god, only me Cassandra L. ~ The Fall of the Angels. I may add others here eventually, but right now I'm terribly tired and should be asleep. But instead I'm doing my best to share art and culture with the world! I sacrifice my sleep for you people! You ungrateful lil...
  3. Wolfies is good. I like wolfies. 8/10 for wolfies.
  4. Kitty has a point.. The only thing I disliked about the game is that if a guthix was on the chopping block,then the two mafia groups together were enough to lynch them. Well that and being killed first day for revenge </3 whichI don't think I deserved..
  5. Who am I? </3 Not like I've been here for four years or anything... But to be fair I don't know you ether. 1/10
  6. 8/10 :l yeah, you don't get a perfect score
  7. Okay I know I'm not suppose to post here.. But she. I'm a girl, thank you. *goes back to being deaded*
  8. ODP: *facepaws* That is all
  9. Mafia are smarter than to do that though.. Why would I bring attention to myself if I was indeed mafia? Chances are mafia on both sides wont even start a vote because it's safer that way
  10. That's just it. I did that vote out of slight annoyance, counting on people knowing I'm not stupid enough to insta vote to lynch someone first day. I never figured it to work, but at the same time had hoped I wouldn't be voted out because of it. Honestly all those who insta voted for me seem more likely to be mafia as they're using that to easily vote out someone they know is not on their side and have a reason for doing so. It was very stupid for me to do in the first place. I never used that argument for him, also. I made it in defense for myself. Many times people random lynch in the start of the game, or at least mention it. If I had done it under that pretense would it have gone unnoticed? Because that's not something worth lynching over. My promise I am a townie is no good, I know. More so since most of the people who have voted for me are likely mafia and want me dead anyway. So basically my fate is sealed. Though with how fast so many votes stacked up, I should point out that is proof enough I'm not mafia. That is my reasoning at least.
  11. You do realize with the amount of mafia in this game, by now many of them must have voted for me. With how quickly I'm being voted off by everyone, I would have had to be given up on by my mafia teammates if I was indeed mafia. Do you think with how they need to have more of their mafia team alive that no one would remotely defend me in any way, nor follow me in my irritated vote against capu? I'm alone here, last I checked
  12. I really could have handled this better.. Because I seem to have broken the game Least I'm going to at this rate. If you guys get enough votes for a kill
  13. I just stated my vote. I never told anyone to follow it, did I. You do what you like Less you want me to be your lord and master, in which case I'll tell you who to kill
  14. My point is not to get an early lynch persay. I simply don't trust Capu and feel like it's time he ended up mafia again. It may not be a valid argument, but eventually everyone will be a mafia again and he was early to jump on the normal townie train. I also was early to accuse him, but I'd like to think people know better than to think if I was mafia I'd outright accuse someone on the first day where as a no lynch benefits the mafia more
  15. Two things in my own defense, I've been mafia a lot recently, I'm playin for the other team this time. Something my family was not amused when I told them.. *cough* Also I'm simply doing that out of slight annoyance at Capu's latest pro townie thing. I'll retract my vote if you like, but I'm generally good with things like this.. Things being random guesses