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    Just your average teenage asian. Video Games, Girls, Cars, ect. Oh and love snowboarding even thou its just riding for me. No huge tricks.
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    Hit me up! I'm typically super bored almost always on.

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  1. The number ONE.
  2. My turn!
  3. I came to RuneHQ on as a quest to find a group of people like I who are passionate about Runescape and all it's glory! Nah I just came because I wanted to be apart of a community thats chill and seemed rather cool. So here I am. I guess.
  4. Hi! My name is Symphonic or A.K.A John. I've been coming to RuneHQ. Since I was still a pre-teen playing Runescape. I have recently given Runescape another shot and I'm feeling kinda lonely. All my friends have moved on to WoW and various other games. I decided to start fresh and go thru runescape a new. So Hello everyone and I hope I get to know you guys better.