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    Just your average teenage asian. Video Games, Girls, Cars, ect. Oh and love snowboarding even thou its just riding for me. No huge tricks.
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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Hit me up! I'm typically super bored almost always on.

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  1. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    The number ONE.
  2. Last one to post wins

    My turn!
  3. What you wearing? In real life? No..... lol

  4. What you wearing? In real life? No..... lol

  5. So I realized that I just drank a milkshake and I'm lactose intolerant....

    1. Big Mac

      Big Mac

      Well, that's a problem. o_O

    2. Symphonic


      Yup. Last night was quite interesting.

  6. Why do you come to RuneHQ?

    I came to RuneHQ on as a quest to find a group of people like I who are passionate about Runescape and all it's glory! Nah I just came because I wanted to be apart of a community thats chill and seemed rather cool. So here I am. I guess.
  7. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Hi! My name is Symphonic or A.K.A John. I've been coming to RuneHQ. Since I was still a pre-teen playing Runescape. I have recently given Runescape another shot and I'm feeling kinda lonely. All my friends have moved on to WoW and various other games. I decided to start fresh and go thru runescape a new. So Hello everyone and I hope I get to know you guys better.