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  1. popping in to say I'm still alive lol

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    2. Graystar
    3. Hope


      Hiya Berry Man! Sorry I missed you :(

    4. Kunio


      Thank you for confirming that you are alive and well. Many conspiracies float around RuneHQ and anything connected these days.

  2. Games You're Playing

    I've got minecraft for ps4 now. So if anyone wants to play with me on there my psn is Zero1too.
  3. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Two now. Since Squiggly Toes was 1
  4. Popped in to say hi via shoutbox. Discovered no more shoutbox.

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    2. Doctor Berry

      Doctor Berry

      Hey everyone!! Love and miss y'all! :)

    3. Super Fly
    4. Kunio


      There was too much edd but yet not enough actual edd.

  5. Funny pictures/videos

  6. Real Life Pictures

    So I had to get glasses >_> I didn't realize just how blind I was.
  7. Funny pictures/videos

    Why choose?
  8. Funny pictures/videos

    The last one sounds like something I'd do just to be a smartass lol.
  9. $330 for a new textbook through the bookstore, or $167 including the 1 day shipping through amazon... not what I'd call a tough decision...

    1. McSwindler


      and you'll use it once the entire class ;)

    2. Anthuny


      Or the $0 .pdf you can find online.

    3. Doctor Berry

      Doctor Berry

      Unfortunately the .pdf will do me no good Anthuny. And you are probably right James!

  10. Koviana's Art Gallery

    Wow!!! Those are awesome! Also I'm pretty sure I know Gecko
  11. What are you currently listening to?

    Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
  12. Official Famous Players Sightings Topic

    since when has Zezima been a Pmod? I've seen him quite a few times in the past, and he wasn't one then.
  13. Funny pictures/videos

    Bad Sarah...
  14. Funny pictures/videos

    Kass and me were watching O Brother Where Art Thou and spitting off different lines back to each other and then this happened Perfect timing!
  15. What are you currently listening to?

    Radioactive - Imagine Dragons