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  1. I thought of just throwing up a pic of RD, but I found a compromise
  2. Back into Minecraft, new adventure update has added some interesting stuff. That, plus Tekkit =)
  3. Finally got Skyrim :3 Don't have alot of patience for RPG's, but I'm trying to make this one last lol...
  4. Skyrim song, vocal+violin:
  5. 102 (that's 2 in binary)
  6. I finally realized the only way I can enjoy BF3 is not caring and messing around. I already made Colonel, but I've never liked the game compared to it's predecessors, so my friends and I will often just hop on, pull out our knives, and run around just stabbing people the entire game. It's quite a challenge, but very fun when you succeed. Best part is we often still end up at the top of our team XD When not doing that, we'll be running over people in jeeps, homing tank shots onto jets, or whatever else we can find that's funny at the moment. Aside that, waiting for DayZ to patch to get rid of the hackers
  7. Not that she'll ever see it, but my thanks goes out to Weezyrowe, because if it wasn't for her birthday being advertised on the site I wouldn't have noticed/joined the RuneHQ forums those 7 years ago
  8. Loyalty - AcousticBrony & MandoPony
  9. Pony Swag by Swagberg
  10. I see 2 of your posts in the shoutbox, but aside that can't say you seem familiar (and 2 posts so far as well) I'll go with 2/10.
  11. This was really the first major internet community I had ever been a part of. Joined in 2005 about half a year after starting Runescape, and only about half a year before stopping as well, but even then I stayed involved in the community for a couple more years in some staff positions and kept in touch with the people I came to know. While I've since lost touch with a good number of them and stopped being active on the forums, I can't help but come back to see how things people have come and gone, and get some of that good ol' nostalgia