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  1. It has now been 10 years and a day since I joined RuneHQ o_O

  2. I joined RuneHQ 9 years ago yesterday. Dang how the time flies by!

    1. Kunio


      "3 years old"

    2. Shaleclaw


      Happy Joined-RuneHQ-iversary, Dash! :D

  3. Dashing about the internet at the speed of light (preferably the multi-colored variety) ;)

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    2. Mega Man

      Mega Man

      Gotta believe in the power of friendship to get it.

    3. Shaleclaw


      And now, for Dash's next trick... The Fiber Optic Rainboom!

    4. Kunio


      Power of frie-.. Didn't know we were talking about Kingdom Hearts here.

  4. Happy Birthday, Dash! :D

  5. Hey buddy, you still alive? :3

  6. All my focus of late has been on my GF, school, work, volunteering, and misc stuff. Come break I should be back more active here again :D

    1. Shaleclaw


      We'll be waiting for ya Dash! You might say RuneHQ is about 20% cooler when you're around! :3

    2. Mike


      Aww, thanks buddy :) Yeah, I've felt pretty bad for pretty much vanishing :( I love playing MC with you guys :)

  7. Real Life Pictures

    I thought of just throwing up a pic of RD, but I found a compromise
  8. Games You're Playing

    Back into Minecraft, new adventure update has added some interesting stuff. That, plus Tekkit =)
  9. Games You're Playing

    Finally got Skyrim :3 Don't have alot of patience for RPG's, but I'm trying to make this one last lol...
  10. What are you currently listening to?

    Skyrim song, vocal+violin:
  11. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    102 (that's 2 in binary)
  12. Games You're Playing

    I finally realized the only way I can enjoy BF3 is not caring and messing around. I already made Colonel, but I've never liked the game compared to it's predecessors, so my friends and I will often just hop on, pull out our knives, and run around just stabbing people the entire game. It's quite a challenge, but very fun when you succeed. Best part is we often still end up at the top of our team XD When not doing that, we'll be running over people in jeeps, homing tank shots onto jets, or whatever else we can find that's funny at the moment. Aside that, waiting for DayZ to patch to get rid of the hackers
  13. Happy Birthday Sir Irish, and quite a great day to have a birthday it is ;)

  14. Rainbow Dash's birthday should totally be July 18th... make it canon Hasbro! XD