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    Rocking Fang




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    2. Moonbeam


      Though this is just me coloring a commission a friend did for me. =)



    3. Sumurai8


      It's a Moonbeam! :D

    4. Moonbeam
  2. Happy Mother's Day


    Hope everyone had a great Mother's day. I know I did. =)


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    2. Moonbeam


      Thanks, I agree differently haven't been on in a while. =)

    3. DarkPyroNinja


      Also Happy birthday!

    4. Moonbeam


      Thanks =D

  3. Moonbeam's Doodles

    More Anime Drawings Zen Wistalia: http://fav.me/dafrw92 Harold: http://fav.me/dafrvfc Yagyu Suo: http://fav.me/dafro2z
  4. Moonbeam's Doodles

    Hope You'll check out Some stuff I made recently. =) Mini Comic: http://fav.me/dabe9ea Friend's Oc: http://fav.me/dabj0nf Bass of Megaman NT Warrior: http://fav.me/dabnd3f
  5. Moonbeam's Doodles

    Just some links to some work I did since I'm to lazy to resize to upload. =P http://fav.me/d9kcras http://fav.me/d9lodo6 http://fav.me/d9logiu http://fav.me/d9lolal http://fav.me/d9moogt http://fav.me/d9mzpd0
  6. Moonbeam's Doodles

    So happy art work that I entered into a contest at my college, well all my entries got excepted. =D
  7. Moonbeam's Doodles

    To Lazy to upload images so just going to use links. =P http://fav.me/d9t4ee1 http://fav.me/d9tiauy http://fav.me/d9w44vu
  8. Moonbeam's Doodles

    Sorry tried to upload a picture but I have to make them to small to really see so i just link so stuff this time. =P Double page images: http://fav.me/d9kcras http://fav.me/d9nemg0
  9. I know I have 99 Firemaking in Runescape, but I didn't know that met I would burn bacon and the micowave too. Today =(

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    2. Kunio


      The feels ;-; rest in bacon.

    3. Nofu


      firemaking =/= cooking noob :P

    4. Moonbeam


      Hey I've been 99 firemaking for a year or 2 now, I'm no cooking noob. >:(

  10. Moonbeam's Doodles

    Here are some Chibi doodles, and who they are in order. 1. Joo No-Ah (Legend Manga) 2. Shaleclaw's OC Sandstorm 3. Eun-Gyo Sung (Legend Manga) 4. My OC Star 5. Ho-Dong (Legend Manga) 6. My OC Des 7. Megaman (Megaman NT Warrior) 8. Laxus (Fairy Tail) 9. Natsu (Fairy Tail) 10. Zero (Mamotte! Lollipop Manga)
  11. Moonbeam's Doodles

    Yea, I book that my mother and I spent two years making is finally done. =)
  12. Rate the Avatar Above You

    GIANT EARS! 7.5
  13. Moonbeam's Doodles

    I'm in a Chibi mood. =)\ Have more to share but lazy right now. =P
  14. Moonbeam's Doodles

    I love the ice look. =D Frost brush make by Where you can find his brushes www.obsidiandawn.com/
  15. Moonbeam's Doodles

    So happy I got the transparency I wanted in the skirt.