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  1. Wow didn’t even notice this has started. Got to burn things
  2. Farewell, Kree'Arra!

    That is a lot of achievements in a short time, gratz
  3. Gianefeatherweight

    Whoo gratz.
  4. Whats a quest?

    Nice job. If only I can wear mine too :/

    That was quick they just got released today gratz
  6. River of blood quest

    When you click on it is there an option to choose “River of Blood”?
  7. Let's all go burn a forest in RS set it ablaze
  8. I used random.org to choose a winner and I'd like to congratulate Here are the answers: 1: 5 November 1605 2: 36 3: Tower of London 4: Robert Catesby 5: 31 January 1606 Thanks to all who took part
  9. Competition is over. Winner and answers will be posted soon
  10. *insert farming pun here*

    Ooo gratz
  11. Gosh this cold weather is not good. Giving me a cold :(

    1. Numerous One

      Numerous One

      But.. The cold weather is amazing!! I wear shorts all year around xD

    2. senug


      Not in England it isn't lol.

  12. 1 day left for submissions, get yours in if you haven't already. Remember there's a 3m cash prize to 1 winner
  13. The student becomes The Master

    The diddywhatnow? *sees the Durzag Helmet drop announcement in the second chatbox image* ohhhh gratz
  14. Stats Reduced in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

    Also to add to previous posts, always try to wear a Slayer helm (if you have one) while on tasks, not only does it give bonus damage/stats on tasks, it also helps avoid these types of things. If you don't have one, make sure you are properly equipped for whichever monster you kill, whether it be a facemask, earmuffs or whatever.