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  1. Well it's just happening that way Usually I would try to get one skill to 99 before moving to the next but that way gets me bored quickly so I keep switching skills.
  2. Recent achievement 91 Woodcutting
  3. Gratz.
  4. Recent achievements "Fishing is good for the sole" Menaphos task
  5. Recent achievements 91 Firemaking 2500 total
  6. Uh oh... That is one of the worst ever punishments you could get lol.
  7. If it takes a year or so then sure Dunno if anyone will turn up though.
  8. W00T welcome back Hax
  9. Summoning isn't too bad just make the best pouches you can (focus on crim and blue charm pouches for more xp) and you'll get 75 in no time. All in all, doing good though. Keep it up
  10. Wow does Zezima STILL play?
  11. Not until I at least max. Need to get all them 99s
  12. I used the random number generator to decide the winner and number 4 came up. The 4th person to PM me his answers was Zandahar. So congratulations Zand you win 5m gp Here are the answers: 1: What Slayer level do you need to be at to be able to kill Abyssal Demons? Answer: 85 2: Which skill was the first to cap at 120 after release but is not considered an elite skill? Answer: Dungeoneering 3: Which Priffddinas district focuses on Mining and Smithing? Answer: Trahaern 4: Which year was Quick chat released? Answer: 2008 5: What is the maximum number of penguins you can spy (not including polar bear) considering you have done all the quests needed? Answer: 12 (originally, without the use of a d&d token) 6: What's the maximum number of penguin points you can have at any time? Answer: 50 7: Guthixian Caches are good for training which skill? Answer: Divination 8: How much does a skillcape cost (at level 99)? Answer: 99k
  13. Thanks.... I bet you are STILL waiting for me to get 99 fishing. I have a feeling you will be saying something more different then. Lol
  14. Hi all, I have achieved 99 Thieving. This is my 6th 99 and I'm hoping to achieve more