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  1. RuneHQ, it's my last day today :D I'll be back in mid-August... Stay safe and if you need any mods to PM, you are welcome to PM any other mods, or if it's a Community Crew thingy, you can PM any other Community Crew members..... See ya in August :D

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    2. @Zandahar


      Have a great time off!

      Don't worry, we'll still be here and you'll have a lot of catching up to do ;-)


      Be safe...

    3. DarkPyroNinja


      Have a great time!

    4. ChathMurrpau


      Enjoy yourself and ya'll stay safe!! Look forward to your return =)

  2. The difficulty is usually stated by Jagex, not us. Jagex set the length as medium that's why it is like that on the guide
  3. Yep, and I'm looking forward to my cousins coming and the holiday and my return and log updating
  4. Welcome. I have a feeling that every time someone joins the events team, there is going to be the word "needles" in the title lol.
  5. Ohhh finally an update lol. Gratz
  6. Thanks to everyone that's been supporting me and congratulating me on each level up/achievement. I doubt I will be getting any more achievements as I'll be going for a month in a few days. I will be back with more on my return mid-August.
  7. Well it's just happening that way Usually I would try to get one skill to 99 before moving to the next but that way gets me bored quickly so I keep switching skills.
  8. Recent achievement 91 Woodcutting
  9. Gratz.
  10. Recent achievements "Fishing is good for the sole" Menaphos task
  11. Recent achievements 91 Firemaking 2500 total
  12. Uh oh... That is one of the worst ever punishments you could get lol.
  13. If it takes a year or so then sure Dunno if anyone will turn up though.
  14. W00T welcome back Hax