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  1. Recent achievement 96 Mining
  2. Aww bye Dark at least you're still CE
  3. Oh ok then. I won't get mine any time soon then :/
  4. Good job Hax. You got 99 mining yet?
  5. Recent achievement 91 Herblore
  6. Oh man that old shoutbox.... Memories
  7. Added Angel and updated Karmadillo to Telle
  8. I love it, it's great
  9. Ah you can't reply to it either? Yeah somehow rhq competitions thread is unable to be replied when it could be replied to in the old forums. I'm pretty sure the inability to reply to competitions is not intentional as we need members to reply to it if they want to sign up to skilling competitions or something. Not that they can't PM me to enter, but it would be good to be able to reply to the competitions to sign up for skilling comps so someone else can add them to the tracker when I'm not on
  10. Ooooo hey Faith welcome to the mod team
  11. Gratz