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  1. I dyed and went to heaven

    Best I’ve gotten was a sack of effigies
  2. Quest - Ghosts Ahoy

    Go to the bottom floor of the ectofuntus and bring a bucket. Use the bucket on the slime pool at the very bottom.
  3. I dyed and went to heaven

    And then you say you don’t have luck... gratz
  4. quest

    There are some technical difficulties regarding the guides. Our dev is hard at work trying to bring it back up.
  5. 99 Hunter My 2nd 99

    Congratz. Once you get the first 99, the rest do tend to come quicker. You will get there eventually.
  6. Barbarian Assault Learner

    Barbarian Assault is my favourite minigame. It is pretty easy to get the hang of it once you know how. Jei has already explained most of what you do. All the waves are pretty much the same with the exception of wave 10. You need to kill the penance queen in normal and penance king in hard mode. Though not by normal means, you need to do teamwork for those so everybody has a part to play in the killing of the queen/king. Feel free to PM me if you need to ask more questions about the BA. I got level 5 in all roles so I know exactly what to do
  7. Books, Scrolls, and letters. Oh My.

    Usually you can destroy books and stuff since you can get them from your bookcase. When you destroy stuff it usually tells you where you can obtain them. It is safe to destroy most of them
  8. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

    Gratz to rank ups
  9. 99 #2! Strength

  10. Telegrab runes are runes that are used for the telekinetic grab spell, which requires 1 air and 1 law rune. If you have those runes, you can telegrab.
  11. Oo a “where am I comp”. Good luck everyone
  12. Longest Goal Accomplished

    Gratz good luck on the mqc. Wearing the quest cape feels good doesn’t it?
  13. Haxorze Has Left The Community Crew

    Thanks for all you did. Good luck in whatever you do next.
  14. Compass? Star? Oh wait, quest cape

    Yes I finally got rid of him
  15. Compass? Star? Oh wait, quest cape

    Well I done the quest and got my cape back so I guess this time I’ll be wearing it a lot longer then I did last time