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  1. Going to TooManyGames next weekend and attending SmashDelphia Melee singles. Getting to see a buncha youtubers and possibly playing against Mew2King in Melee is gonna be such a blast!

  2. Oh no.
    Doctor Connor's Class

  3. Bufferdager1
  4. ᵐʸˢᵗᵉʳʸ

  5. That's really good for an early 99! Good work, yo
  6. 20
  7. I could use the motivation. Sign me up RSN: Kunio
  8. Just 6 120's left! Nice work as usual!
  9. I did the Adamantoise around 65 or so. I basically only worried about keeping Ignis alive so he can boost my weapon with the enemy weakness. My last Trophy (since I have PS4. Greatness awaits... and awaits...) was for Survival expert. I literally rubber-banded my left and right stick to leave Noct in a walking cycle while I was at work. Worked like a charm!
  10. nice
  11. A RHQ event for a raids boss? He must be relatively easy if that's the case, so long as attention is paid.
  12. Whoa! A reason to do inve- I mean fishing? Sign me up! RSN: Kunio