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  1. Cool Stuff, gratz to all.
  2. Lol, didn't Jagex make a news post recently about ppl collecting items, and they specifically mentioned needles?
  3. Ha! Allons-y!
  4. Splendiferous
  5. Looks more like an evil chicken leg. KFC is cookin up something evil it seems.
  6. Minority - Green Day
  7. My prof lecturing :s
  8. That's interesting. I just found Yew trees w/o their top parts in Edgeville SW of bank.
  9. Last weeks RSBandB podcast
  10. The sound of my shower as I let the water warm up
  11. I should hang out with McSwindler more. I'd get to meet more of these "famous" people B)
  12. I watched a review where the person wasn't so happy with the new Sim City, then he found out he could watch the sewage system of the city and he became mesmerized
  13. Let it all hang out - Weezer Ha, another song I thought worthy of posting was another Weezer song, and it's 2 in a row
  14. We are all on drugs - Weezer
  15. Recently got back into Age of Empires II Conquerors expansion. Old schoolin it