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  1. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

    Cool Stuff, gratz to all.
  2. Finally did Plague's End today. Liked it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. senug


      Gratz. If only I could do it.

    3. Varunky


      Gonna have to figure out the layout of the city now :\

    4. Kunio


      You'll get lost, but you'll find things to do along the way. That's how I felt at Disney :P

  3. Lol, didn't Jagex make a news post recently about ppl collecting items, and they specifically mentioned needles?
  4. Been doing quite a bit of catching up on quests these last few days

    1. Kunio


      Quests. It's something most of us don't want to do, but want to do.

  5. Anyone else a fan of KYR SP33DY?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mega Man

      Mega Man

      Yeah I prefer the skits from Vanoss. They're hilarious.

    3. Amoa


      Yeah I enjoy Speedy's vids. But I also like H20's more.

    4. Rednar
  6. Whovians Unite!

    Ha! Allons-y!
  7. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

  8. I might have to drop membership :( Bond donations welcome ;)

    1. Nick


      Fishing rocktail can earn you 6M a day -- Barely any effort needed! :)

  9. Roses are Red, My name isn't Dave, This poem makes no sense, Microwave.

    1. Sliver
    2. Kunio


      My mom was telling me that my dad use to write poems that made no sense out of boredom, lol!

  10. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    I feel like I should win an award for being dead so often. I feel like every time I check I have to revive myself. Oh well. Now that it's easier to steal money the lower levels have none left so I guess this is a good new place to get some to buy those revives.
  11. [Updated Info] Battle Downtime

    While you're at it are you planning on implementing a level difference limit for who can attack who?
  12. Maybe putting off homework wasn't such a great idea...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Graystar


      It never is... but on the other hand, so tempting.

    3. Seinami
    4. Kunio


      It's... just... too difficult!

  13. [Completed] Battle Competition 3

    ??? I see the list of ones, but I don't see the announcement.
  14. [Completed] Battle Competition 2

    Ha! -16 here