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  1. Telle's list of thingies

    screenshot by @Flamadiddles
  2. The Path of Faith

    gz nublet
  3. Pet Drop

  4. Quest - Nomad's Elegy

    try using magic or better melee weapons. A SGS isnt gonna do the job there.
  5. Numerous One's adventures!

    sick progress keep it up!
  6. Telle's list of thingies

    Decided to spend my peng points and got this;
  7. Hiya here's a quick guide for this years Christmas quest! Items needed: 100 Pale Energy 1 Redberry Pie 10 Rune Ess (pure will work as well) 12 raw lobsters Step 1: Make your way to the north side of Varrock GE and buy all the items required for the quest. Step 2: Talk to the Queen of Snow (1) and accept the quest. Step 3: Gather information by talking to Aubury (2), Doc (3), and Orla (4) at the Grand Exchange. Return to the Queen of Snow (1) once you've gathered all the information required to move on. Step 4: The Queen of Snow tells you to talk to Thurgo (99 smithing dwarf, south of port sarim). Bring a redberry pie. Step 5: Talk to Thurgo, give him the pie and he'll tell you to go to Queen Black Dragon's Lair. Step 6: Make your way to QBD's Lair just north of Thurgo and enter the cave. A cut scene will occur. Step 7: Investigate the damaged sledge (1) A cut scene will occur Step 8: RIP RUDOLPH #1 REINDEER collect rudolph's ashes (2). Step 9: Talk to santa at the GE. Step 10: Talk to Aubury, go through the dialog and answer his questions. The answers are: Anomalies are bad, I can seal them while channeling the rift, I will need to seal 15 Anomalies. Click the rift to the west of you: After charging, click the rift again and smaller versions of the rift will spawn (anomalies). After you seal 15 of them Aubury will ask for 10 rune/pure ess, hand over your rune ess. Step 12: Talk to Doc Tinker with the power generator. Talk to Doc. Tinker with it some more until it starts the smoke. Press the Control panel. Give Doc 100 pale energies Step 13: Talk to Orla Go to al kharid lodestone and make your way to the Desert Strykewyrms to the east. Talk to the Menaphite Smuggler and give him 12 raw lobsters Return to the GE. Talk to Orla Siphon the Modified Soul Obelisk (west) Use your arrow keys or the arrows on your screen to keep the gauge in the middle Talk to Orla Step 14: REVIVAL OF RUDOLPH (sort of) Talk to santa Talk to santa again Talk to santa Cutscene Talk to santa Step 15: talk to santa Cutscene Talk to santa to finish up!
  8. Telle's list of thingies

    Decided to go for QBD pet and start a tab for it.. This is my progress so far after 30 kills Current kc: 171
  9. [RuneHQ Event] Castle Wars

    Event Details: Date: Sunday, December 17th Time: Here World: 60 FC: RHQ Events Location: Castle Wars Lobby
  10. [RuneHQ Event] F2P King Black Dragon

    Event Details: Date: Saturday, December 16th Time: Here World: 11 FC: RHQ Events Location: Edgeville bank
  11. [RuneHQ Event] Pest Control

    Event Details: Date: Friday, December 15th Time: Here World: 60 FC: RHQ Events Location: Void Knight Island