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  1. Last one to post wins

    Oh lord, this could go for quite some time...
  2. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Hey, everyone! I'm Ronny, or AStoryBegins. I'm 15 years old, and I live in the USA. I've been on RHQ quite a few times, but have just recently joined the forums! I try to be a nice, warm-hearted person, despite any situation I find myself in. I also try to be helpful when I find people in need, and just an all-around friendly person to everyone. ^-^ Well, I hope to become a part of this community soon enough, and make some friends along the way! Thanks for having me, everyone! :]
  3. Why do you come to RuneHQ?

    I originally came to RuneHQ to look up quests, which I did rarely, thus making my visits rare. But, a few days ago I decided that it was time to become part of a community, and possibly give back to the site that has given so much help to me. Thus, here I am. ^-^
  4. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Most recently I've had trouble with bots on my old account. They've over-ran the green dragons in the wilderness, making it very difficult to level/profit from killing them... I've heard of a few methods in stopping them, but haven't had the time, nor the level to test any of them out, sadly. It seems the only 100% reliable way to get rid of them is to find one of the scarce worlds which they don't select. Best wishes to all of you.
  5. I was recently in the Grand Exchange, fletching and what not at the left-side bank... This was my first encounter with the new dice/flower game called "Horse". It was interesting enough, and easy enough to win, so I tried it out a few times, and went on a rather large win streak. However, at one point a player came along advertising dragon claws for bets of 500k. So, with my newly acquired cash stack, I played his game. I bet on the letter C, and lost the first time... And, the second time... But, when the third time came around, and I bet C yet again, it came up. He logged off at that instant, and scammed me out of 1.5 million gp. I guess it's my fault for being so gullable. The point that I'm trying to make, even though I'm sure anyone posting here knows this; is that you need to be careful when playing these staking games. If they're offering high priced items for low price bets, then don't play. It's as simple as that. Well, best of luck in your games, everyone. Here's hoping that none of you get scammed in the future!