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  1. There are quite a few items, I would suggest using the RS3 version as a template for the items acquired.
  2. Congrats! Nice gains!
  3. Congrats! Getting ready to make it one to go?
  4. Congrats Telle!
  5. As many of you know my pc passed away recently lol. Because of that my quest progress has stopped until my pc arrives. However, my xp progress will continue via my laptop. Skill wise all I have left is 3 dungeoneering levels and 11 summoning levels. It may take awhile for the summoning..
  6. Thanks for taking the time to build that for me. That was very helpful and I am extremely grateful. As of now, I am waiting on delivery of all the parts. Thanks again.
  7. Geez! Nice gains!
  8. Congrats! Are you trying to keep all the skills leveling at the same time or is it just happening that way? Like moving them all to 92.. then 93.. etc
  9. Very luicky, congrats!
  10. This is true. Should be four elements and mind. Mind is not an element. Items needed to complete quest step 20 step 21
  11. Congrats!
  12. Thank you so much. Looks like I need to save up.. But better than what I was thinking. I'm assuming it will have to be built by me since from different sites.. Is that hard? How often will I have to upgrade that tho be compatible with nxt? Thanks again, you are the best.
  13. No thank you, I have all that and it works just fine. My computer sits right next to my Wi-Fi so I usually just hard wire it in for good measure.
  14. Just normal I suppose..? Will not be storing anything on it so should be fine right? Not sure how all that ties in though. Thanks for the help!
  15. I don't know much about computer specs.. From what I have read, I think Intel would be best. I will only be using it for runescape so anything extra is not needed. However, I will be running it on ultra nxt. Cheapest I can go preferred pricing will determine whether I can get now or save up for. Idc about brands of anything.. Just want it to run ultra. Has to be a desktop though..