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  1. Is it summer yet?

    1. DarkPyroNinja


      Tomorrow is a high of 70*F and Friday is 75*F, so yes

    2. senug


      I hope Summer comes quickly, that way I can look forward to my cousins coming even more :D

    3. Lots a LOUD

      Lots a LOUD

      It was summer about 3 weeks ago then again it never left. Damn Above Average weather

  2. Guess Who's back!

    Welcome, welcome.
  3. Whrooo dis new blueberry

  4. So uh... hi.

    So... about these cookies you've mentioned.... While we have never met, I'm glad to hear things have come into place for you. Welcome back.
  5. CAH Discord Event

    Date: Saturday February 4th at 6pm central. To join discord please click here
  6. OSRS is where it's at. Welcome back.
  7. Another username clear-up

    I'm not unhappy with my Username but it'll be interesting to see the availability and miiiiight consider a change up.
  8. New Year... New Plans?

    New year, same me. Put money away in the war chest and travel the world.
  9. What's for Christmas lunch/dinner?

    I'm in charge of the holiday dinners in my family now. Turkey with a butter, oregano, basil, and garlic reduction over the bird and let cook slowly, some mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, ham, stuffing, and salad (:
  10. First Level 99?

    Fishing was my first 99.
  11. Rocket League Involvement?

    I haven't played in some time. I used to love it but I'm not a fan of a lot of the changes / additions they have done.
  12. Holiday Traditions

    Wait.. Sleep in till 5am? What is a usual wakeup for you?
  13. Holiday Traditions

    Wait, what?
  14. Is RuneScape Declining?

    Every game you play will never be the same as when it first came out. Just the way it works it seems.