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  1. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

    7 seen you alot on this topic
  2. Last one to post wins

    erm what do you win? :S
  3. 1-99 Hunter Guide

    thanks for the guide might use it next time i go train hunter.
  4. And another one is in trade worlds they say spending 111m and trade you 111k also in trade world they say free glorys show inv and when you put your stuff in trade they hope you forget and accept the trade. (again i dont know if anyone has posted this)
  5. Dont know if anyone has already posted this scam, but someone told me there was a glitch in the wildy level 35 which turns like 10mill in to 500mill and 40mill into 1.4bill (and he also showed me 2bill) and they tell you to bank everything, and keep like 10mill+ in your money pouch (money that is in your money pouch is safe). Then they get you to put the money in your inv and then trade them (in level 35 wildy), as i dident know you cant put money back in your money pouch in pvp areas, but luckly i thourght it was a scam so tryed it with like 10k, they also say dont worry just put it back in your money pouch when i attack you its safe Think the persons username was something like jigsaw? :S