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    I play ps3 (yes Skyrim), and I play drums. :D

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  1. No.
  2. ;p
  3. -1
  4. FUS RO DAH!
  5. 9/10- Whether you actually drew it, or you edited a picture, it looks boss
  6. !(-3) = Undefined
  7. .... winning?
  8. Did anyone notice after bots went away, prices on Weapons and armor nearly cut in half? 0_0 I hadn't played in awhile, since AGS was about 70 some mil and Dharaok's was 12m. I just started playing again and I noticed the new prices. Apparently whatever Jagex is doing is working. But prices are going back up again.....
  9. Hey everyone, My name's Ricky I don't have much to say (sorry) but I will say that I play the Drums, I used to have an old account I'm sure it's gone (Can't remember anything about it cause I didn't do much), and other than playing RS I've got a PS3. (Fus Ro Dah!)