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    Not much... rock music and games mostly.
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    I play ps3 (yes Skyrim), and I play drums. :D

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  2. Last one to post wins

  3. Last one to post wins

  4. Last one to post wins

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  6. Last one to post wins

  7. Rate the Avatar Above You

    9/10- Whether you actually drew it, or you edited a picture, it looks boss
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    !(-3) = Undefined
  9. Heat wave in the middle of winter... silly mother nature.

    1. Khaaveren


      Lucky you. Our cold snap finally hit. -30 degrees C predicted for tonight where I live.

    2. The Last Dovahkiin

      The Last Dovahkiin

      :o yeah, I think I'll appreciate this Texas heat thanks lol
    3. Condux4u
  10. I would be sick the first day of the semester :/

  11. Last one to post wins

    .... winning?
  12. 1-99 Hunter Guide

    Sweet, perfect timing, I was getting ready to start leveling up hunter