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  1. Loot from 15 Death Touched Darts

    Congrats! I'm jealous. Everytime I used them in the past on Nex all I ever got was sharks.... and one brew/restore.... *sigh*
  2. Real Life Pictures

    Was this on Reddit at some point? I feel like i've seen this before....
  3. Peever's Runescape Log

    Well here we are. The DXP hype has ended! It was a good DXP for me though I didn't get everything done I wanted to but I decided after the first day of 18 hours that I didn't want to keep going at that rate. Still managed 100mil though . Important stuff being 120 summon, 80mil herblore and 30mil agil. Heres a few pictures from the weekend. Alot of the virtual lvls I got never actually went off in game. Not sure if its a glitch with all the cores etc or whatever. but heres what I got! Away for work for a week now so taking a nice little break from RS in that time. See you all in a week <3
  4. 63mil Summoning . More xp coming too but Summon is done.
  5. Maxing Twins?!

    Thankfully it is 12 hours and 45 minutes before DXP starts . Sadly I wont be able to attend but congrats to you both!
  6. Peever's Runescape Log

    Finally got picture uploading working again. Silly malware..... Anyway 110 cooking from the other day. And the 129 Invention I got last night Just finishing up gathering the last charms I need to get 120 tomorrow. Going to be a fun weekend thats for sure!
  7. Peever's Runescape Log

    Wait till after this weekend.... Muahahahaha
  8. February Goals/ How was your January?

    Im just a lover of xp gainz is all lol
  9. Peever's Runescape Log

    Havent had much going on lvl wise as I have just been doing some afk stuff and relaxing a bit in game before DXp starts. Started and been working on Ironman account which has been very fun actually. A bit annoying at first but as I read more and get myself up to date with low level methods (something I havent really worried about since 2002/03...) it gets better and better! I have managed to get almost all the way to 115mil cooking hte last few days. Wanted to get to 120mil before DXP but wont quite make it as I am short about 4k charms for 120 so camping for those. Going to sell my cooking stuff off before the inevitable DXP crash happens! Also managed 90 mil range xp Will get pictures back up as DXp happens
  10. Less than 48 hours to go now peeps
  11. I could be..... I have big plans lol
  12. I was wondering if there would be one for the big weekend. Count me in Peever142. Hope my gainz dont crash the tracker....
  13. Peever's Runescape Log

    Hit a couple goals over the weekend a few other levels. Been doing some afk stuff mostly of late working on my iron man account for fun. Be a nice change from PVM to be honest. Few lvls and such listed below. Having some technical issues with pictures so cant be bothered anymore so will just list! Haha 107 Mining 128 Invention 30mil mining (goal) 106 Thieving 30 mil WC (goal)
  14. Skilling pets

    Dojo Mojo has to be the rarest pet still...... Hardly ever see those drop
  15. Squigventures!

    Hopefully youre not like a guy on reddit who went 10k kc+ without his book from KBD and more like Sirius who went like 100 kills....