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  1. Grats guys!
  2. Reclaimed 2,000.
  3. "I got a shark" aha funny. Good luck with your goals!
  4. Good luck on your goals/road to max!
  5. Just watch sirius. He is almost never alive, nor is anyone near him. As the most active battle participant, yeah, you can say I'm worse than Wick.
  6. I promise I'll hit relentlessly.
  7. Just hit 1500... again. Not exactly where I once was but I'll get there. Hey senug, hurry up and get above 1000! You have a lot of gold and I want to show you how to spend it! .... something to look forward to.
  8. Wohooo! Go Wick!
  9. Epic congrats bud!
  10. Sad to see you go but glad you are still with us! Thanks for the help and many years of service. We are grateful for everything you did/do! !
  11. I use the forums mostly. I tend to stick to either submissions or help topics but my main visited area is battle. That combined with my always on is why I know I will regain my spot as number 1 in battle, second only to edd of course.
  12. Grats!
  13. Welcome back!
  14. Just rounded 1000, one step closer to retaking the number 1 spot.
  15. Pretty much this. In the meantime, Bob, come at me bro. I'm still going to pass you.