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  1. Falling in love with this little one. She's such a pest but I love her.


  2. I've been brought the gift of a puppy. She's 5 weeks old and adorable. Her name is Nieve, in remembrance for our fallen slayer master. 


  3. Yesterday was a sad day in my family as we lost one of our own members. She lost the battle against heart worms. Belle will be forever in my heart.


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    2. DarkPyroNinja


      Sorry for your loss R3d. <3

    3. L1ttleR3d


      Thanks, guys. 

    4. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      aw im sorry :( Belle is in a better place now.

  4. Hey Everyone, I'm doing something new with my blog. Every Sunday Night I'll be posting a piece of poetry to it, so if you have any that you'd like me to publish please let me know!

  5. Merch Store

    I would like to see the option of personalizing the shirts with our names.
  6. Real Life Pictures

    Idk why I never knew about this thread! So here's me After I got my party hat.
  7. "Love is fearless and sometimes that means letting go because it's in YOUR best interest." - An original

  8. I've heard that seeing an animal in a picture or in person can brighten someone's day. In case you were having a bad day, this is my main man, Tater. He is adorable. (Yes, he doesn't have most of his hair. We rescued him from a stressful life that caused hair loss and PTSD).


  9. Pretty proud. So close!!!!


  10. Today is the Deadman Seasonal Tournament. Maybe someone will actually win the money. :banana:

  11. The road to 1,000 Chompy kills. Almost half way there! Chompy Chick, here I come!


  12. How we all learned safe spotting.