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    I'm just a dewd who plays Runescape, works, and lives doing other st00f, not too much different than most people I think. XD

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  1. Welcome back Hax
  2. And Jack of Spades completed, Menaphos has been accessed properly :D


  3. Outfit going into Menaphos! #FashionSquig


  4. Grats Lou on that achievement I can't imagine when I'll be remotely close to that... XD
  5. After many times I'd said I would, I finally did eet. I also made a 99 Magic outfit
  6. You've bashed enough rocks you know how they break now :p. Grats regardless s'nug
  7. We'll miss ye Roo D: Never quit Hefin' ur Elfin' across the world
  8. I either need more time to play stuff or less things to play, and one of those ain't going to happen...

  9. I think I got a bunch of roks to smash up, I'll join in :D.
  10. Hope everything gets better and fixed soon, thank you for what you've done Dark
  11. We just brought him on and already firing him? Well jeez... XD Nah we know, grats on joining
  12. Revenge of the 5th is pretty relevant today with work being technically it's my Monday...

  13. 'Hefin' your'elf across the course? XD If I'm not on there already you can toss me in, I've been meaning to play some more now that I'm sorted mostly with the move :D.
  14. Welcome to the squad I'm sure you'll fit in well
  15. Made me a new tailored banner now that I figgered out the dimensions, I like it :D

    1. ChathMurrpau


      that is great =D