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  2. Progress update for the 3rd week of June The Wolf Among Us, I have unlocked all 35 Achievements for 1,000 Gamerscore, my 23rd 100% list AFL Evolution, I have unlocked 30 Achievements for a total of 530 Gamerscore DiRT 4, I have unlocked 25 Achievements for a total of 365 Gamerscore Rare Replay, I have unlocked 8 Achievements for a total of 145 Gamerscore Tour de France 2017, I have unlocked 6 Achievements for a total of 90 Gamerscore Bully: Scholarship Ed. (x360), I have unlocked 31 Achievements for a total of 685 Gamerscore
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  6. early hours only
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  8. GTX 1060 about the same performance as a GTX 980 for half the price, comes in 3 and 6GB VRAM i7 6700K is last gen processor by Intel 8GB of DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD all you really going to need Solid State Drive are great but really expensive but does improve load times a lot compared to a HDD
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  14. the vegemite power