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  1. Grats! Next time use a masterball
  2. Massive congrats!!!! So much time taken for that cape it's insane! Did you enjoy going for it, or did you feel the grind was too much?
  3. Grats everyone on your rank ups!
  4. Grats!
  5. grats!!!
  6. Congrats, Sirius!!
  7. woot, grats everyone!!
  8. So after 2 and a half years the time has finally come, I've MAXED with as little grinding as I could handle. This is my 2nd "real" account (no pun intended) and I've managed to exceed what my old account had in a third of the time. So, how did I get each of my 99s? I'll miss some of the early levels for stuff I can't remember Summoning The usual building to a mid-level using greens and golds (I think to around 68) Then I began to collect my charms at a triple rate using the familiarisation reward benefit at waterfiends. Saved these up for use on a double XP weekend and there we go, first 99 done. Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, Defence, Attack and Strength Fleshcrawlers and catablepons in F2P. Slayer and Araxxi. Slayer Reducing the population of Airuts and their families. Prayer Dragon bones on a gilded altar. Herblore Dailies Wilderness Warbands 85+ Making overload ingredients and overloads Runecrafting Runespan to ~80 Stacked bonus XP on runecrafting between double XP weekend and burnt it out to 99, again, at the Runespan for 3x XP. Construction Oak larders for a bit, mostly dailies to ~85. Oak dungeon doors on a double XP weekend to 92. Monthly god statues, bit of warbands to 99. Dungeoneering Delving into Daemonheim. Agility Little bit of lap running to ~70. Tuska spines to 85. Goebiebands. Stacked enough bonus XP to get to 99 on double XP weekend. Thieving Dailies and coshing volunteers. Pyramid Plunder to like 91 or something. Stacked enough bonus XP to 99 and thieved Prifdinnas Elves using an abyssal lurker at low 90s. Crafting One of the reasons I joined RuneHQ, the Clan Citadel Loom to around 90. Protean hides and crafting ports stuff to 99, probably not the only things I done. Fletching Almost all through daily challenges. Hunter Divine deadfall and box traps. Goebiebands. Ornate tortles when I got the minimum level to boost with hunter potions. Divination Traditional training to 57. Caches all the way to 99. Mining No idea how I got to 70, definitely would have avoided grinding it. Wildy warbands to 99. At 94+ I decided to grind it afk at Seren Stones. 97+ I moved to Alaea crablets with festive aura. Smithing Wilderness warbands. Protean from 91 to 99 on a double XP weekend. Fishing 1-50 catching shrimp to fly fishing at Lumbridge in F2P, the real way! 50-99 entirely done using a chunk of bonus xp on divine locations only. Cooking 1-90 cooking the fish I caught in F2P and then moving to barbecueing tuna. Daily challenges to 99. Firemaking Maples as soon as I could to 90 whenever I was idle. Realised yews are worth burning so that to 99 in combo with daily challenges. Woodcutting Same scenario as mining dunno how I got myself to Ivy. As soon as Ivy was unlocked I'd train afk while studying or something. Goebiebands when I could. From 90-96 I done divine yew trees mainly at reset. I forgot about brawlers (wc) I had in bank, so chopped divine magics at wildy lever to 99. Farming Farming trees to a low level. Wilderness warbands and Goebiebands to 99. Invention Training items up at K'ril on Mahjarrat berserk aura. Passively levelling gear up during the usual high level bosses I do (Raids, Telos) to 99. Didn't want this to be my last 99, but it was the only way to Max and hit 500M xp together. That's it. Oh, I also got 500M Total XP, too. Thanks RuneHQ for being an epic clan and thanks to blu3monsters and Requiem warbands, both closed but an honour to PK with. I'll be sticking round for PvM, PvP and maybe I'll be getting completionist requirements.
  9. Congrats everyone! Thanks for updating ranks too, Rednar.
  10. Wasn't a good choice for Americans between Hillary or Trump, personally I would vote Hillary because she seems the lesser of two evils, so to speak. However, I don't think it's that much of a big of a deal as media makes it out to be. US Presidents seems to be held back by large corporations recently and seem to be viewed as "puppets". Being US President seems like a big thing, but there's only so much they can do in such an extreme capitalist society. I don't read up on politics much but might be talking out the wrong end here, just voicing what I think nonetheless.
  11. RSN: RealTime GL everyone except Rednar
  12. Grats Rare!! Wish I could come but I was busy Now you can be relieved and go back to PvM!
  13. not doing warbands earlier
  14. Congrats!