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  1. To the RHQ Community

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  2. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

  3. Good With(out) God?

    I do believe that would be the majority. In any case you always have a choice in every decision you make. Religion will hardly affect this, but if you were brought up with morals, coming from religion or anything else, it'll have the same outcome. If you were brought up without morals, you will likely end up on the wrong path and might come to better senses later on. That's why decent parenting is of crucial importance. Atheists will be able to parent their children just as well as religious people.
  4. Good With(out) God?

    I do feel that you can have just as good morals without any religious background.
  5. Good With(out) God?

    Topics like this could result in very harsh discussion and could lead to staff having to step in to allow everyone some time to calm down... But it's not forbidden to open a topic like this. Let's just see where this goes Ofcourse morals exist outside of religion. I think it's quite obvious that morals come from parenting and the basic things we should all already know like "don't kill eachother" and stuff like that. You really don't need some holy book telling you that, those are things you should already know. So yeah, I'm very certain that you can be good without believing in some god figure. In response to Nick: I don't have fear of hell. That also means I don't have any expectations of ever finding myself in 'heaven'. I believe that when you die, everything just stops. You'll be even less conscious than unconscious... because you'll be dead... And there's nothing wrong with that, it's the natural way things go. What you need to realise is that atheists believe that this is the time to live, there won't be a second chance and you should really make the best of it right now. That's why atheists will in fact live life to it's fullest potential. But yeah Nick, I like your view on things as well!
  6. Quick they might see!

  7. Quick they might see!

  8. Quick they might see!

    Well 12 I guess Well I guess not... 2!
  9. Np We knew it would come to this... I decided not to recruit Raider simply because there was no point apart from getting him killed during a day phase...
  10. ... I'm not the other werewolf...
  11. Sorry guys, I haven't been online all weekend... That usually never happens to me at all... If I had known... Anyways, mcSwindler!
  12. Are you kidding me? You're town alligned now, you should really do your part :s And I suggest no lies...! Either it's mcSwindler or senug forgot to pm me...
  13. Alright, that clears raider Sticking with my vote on mcswindler and I suggest you do the same!