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  1. I'm still alive (although most of you won't probably know me by now) and happy the community here is still going nice and easy. Here's a perro saying hi: Cheers from Honduras & Merry xmas HQ ^^
  2. Minecraft, Skyrim, Runescape, Skyrim, Runescape, IRC UNO, SketchwFriends, Modern Combat, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack joyride, another holy bunch of mobile games, and Runescape.
  3. So like, why not... Me: Me as a stereotype french: Me (with weird hair - just noticed) & le girlfriend: Hope it gives you nightmares!
  4. Just to annoy Edd really.
  5. Animal Bar - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  6. I guess I will drop one around here. Here's me at the right with a semi-cosplay of kisuke urahara and a chick dressed as Midna from the Twilight Princess (Zelda game if you are unfamiliar with those)
  7. While randomly looking at my old files, I found this chat screenie I thought wouldn't be bad to share. Didn't you know? Edd has an enterprise of manufactured bras. All by himself!
  8. Dungeoneering binds apparently make Edd get sex.
  9. Fireflies - Owl City
  10. Price Tag - Jessie J
  11. -15 :>
  12. Hahahahahahahaha!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 0!
  13. Danza Kuduro - Don Omar
  14. Caraluna - Bacilos
  15. 7/10, I do not have the slightest idea of what the hell it is, but I like the little pyrefiend-like thing with the background