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  1. Damm it's been ages, I will win though.
  2. 2
  3. Yes!!! Oh and brian's going to win!
  4. Nor will I let it end
  5. Goku is just dreaming. we all know Brian's going to win
  6. Damm i guess I'm done for then Paintball
  7. It's okay, I'll just have to call in the undertaker, and maybe akimbo slice from ufc
  8. Let me put you in your place goku, and thats second place
  9. Don't worry your not the only one
  10. I'm no where close to giving up even with all those wrestling titles. I'll just have to take them for my self.
  11. 3:46 am here, but hey we still got a week to go Edit: assuming we stopped posting..I'm not giving up though
  12. Agreed
  13. No trust me... I WILL WIN!!
  14. I'm so going to try and win
  15. Hollywood undead - The loss