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  1. 200 Days of Maw rewards

    Great list! Would be sweet to see it in a graphic or something haha
  2. Interesting topic!
  3. mafchief's cheapskates invention dissassembly

    Woah love the data here- is it worth the charges used though? I stayed away from the auto alcher thingy just cause of that. As for the disassembly, seems that you're getting tons of parts!
  4. Calculator - Combat Level

    We have elves and gnomes that track your ingame stats! (just kidding, we use a script that selects your skills from the hiscores, and plugs them into our calculator!)
  5. AFKing is life

  6. 95wc

    Try to chop Crystal Trees now! Best exp in game
  7. Spilled coffee on the servers, thankfully Sumurai and Sirius saved the day!

    1. @Zandahar


      I always thought it was the servers that spilled coffee on you...


    2. Telle


      gosh thanks a lot fly. <_<

    3. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      Graystar won't be to happy that her coffee spilled! Prepare to take cover!

  8. Welcome to the Team! Qwerty!

    He's a dedicated worker and the team will thrive with the newest addition!
  9. How to do Magic ? need magic book ?

    I recommend using an Air based staff (staff of air, air battlestaff, mystic air battlestaff, etc) until you get the hang of magic! Also, the Lumbridge combat academy is perfect for learning the basic navigation for Magic, Melee and ranged combat
  10. Remember that Corp is spears only!
  11. Amy and Khloe find Clover.

    Congrats on the new puppy!
  12. (ENDED) RHQ Cooking Competition

    Count me in!