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  1. Yay welcome!!
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  3. Because Haxorze is back on staff! It's our pleasure to welcome back a phenomenal community crew member, lets give a warm RuneHQ welcome
  4. Found a few million needles in a haystack, one of our longest serving staff members MooMoo (Cowlover) has been promoted to Events Team Manager! Please congratulate him on the new position!
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  7. Our long time Events Team Manager has resigned to focus on his grade 8 graduation.
  8. Remember when Rednar actually got pets?

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    2. Rednar


      There is a big difference between a pet streak and playing 14 hours a day focusing on one pet

    3. DarkPyroNinja
    4. @Zandahar


      Remember when Rednar actually to pets?   No... I'm not THAT old!

  9. The competition has now ended! Here are your top 10- Congrats to Tre, Topaz, Hax, Rednar and Shadows for claiming the top 5 prizes! We will be in touch throughout the week for prize moneys
  10. 1v1

    1. DarkPyroNinja


      rs3 legacy mode wildy lvl 5

    2. Sliver


      Sure dude

  11. Sign up for our Double Exp Competition! 

  12. Grats dude!!@#!@!
  13. Congrats to our 3 winners! Please pm me in game/forums for your prizes!!
  14. Hello Goblin! Your request to use our information is completely fine, just please remember to cite our website. If you need a citation, just let me know what guides you want to use, and like throw them in here... I'll make you a little template off the top of my head. "Title of guide here", RuneHQ (2004), Global Gaming HQ.
  15. Sad to see, we'll keep in touch