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  1. Woot! Woot! Welcome Hax :-)
  2. Great gains! You sure are Blitzing these skills ;-)
  3. Happy Birthday Sliver!

  4. Khufu
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. Welcome back Hax!!!!
  7. Schweet! Thanks for the contest it was fun Grats to all the winners :-)
  8. I had my first Zezima sighting yesterday while at a Soul Obelisk in Menaphos...
  9. Sorry that it didn't work out :-(
  10. Congrats! Milk this for all it's worth, and when they ask, "Where's the beef?", just say, "Don't have a cow man!"
  11. Rest in peace Batman!

  12. Now that you've found Brains.... Stay away from the Zombies... Grats though!!!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats. You're not Joshing us about your max are ya? Welcome to the guild
  15. Bye Sliver! Good luck in your next adventure... but remember... they always come back ;-)