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  1. Whats a quest?

    Congrats! Watch out MQC... Here comes Numerous One!

    Congrats on your magical experience....
  3. *insert farming pun here*

  4. Impling Jar

    However, you can catch them barehanded...
  5. Stats Reduced in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

    They may be corrupted dust devils, but they are still dust devils
  6. Happy Birthday Heather!

  7. Hard drive replacement

    RAID! Thanks Sumu :-)
  8. The Grand View - Chath's log

    Great Gainz... Maw's waitin on the 115 dg ;-)
  9. Two big accomplishments in one go!

    Mega Grats!!
  10. It's a cosmetic override and can be found in your wardrobe.
  11. Ghost Stories of Gielinor

    Ghost 8: Go to Burgh de Rott Ghost SE of General Store Search both book cases, Shelves, and Barrel Read book on podium to assemble clockwork heart Give heart to ghost Ghost 9: Do NOTHING! Finally----- After collecting all nine stories go back to Closure and talk to him. He will reward you for the first five stories. Talk to him again and he will give you a quiz based on previous stories: Order is random: By the Light of the Moon - Alice Always and Forever - The Afterlife Saradomin Have Mercy - Faith Family Reunion - Puffball The Group Gatestone - Abandoned Wool - Fish Miller Asleep - I know that you're awake. Clockwork - Church Heralds of the Apocalypse - War
  12. AFKing is life

  13. King of Hearts

    Siriusly.... you're all heart ;-)
  14. Burning and Breaking down all my pet dreams.

    Grats on the 120. Sorry you didn't feel the Bern :-(