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  1. Imogen Heap - Headlock (High Contrast Remix)
  2. ShockOne - Crucify Me (Pt. 2) ft. Phetsta
  3. @goku: From what I know, it's the black chainbody's visual update - currently, it has a glitch where it will cause player's torsos to appear transparent, instead of having a black chainbody equipped, visually.
  4. Skrillex - With You, Friends (Long Drive)
  5. I've had the fun experience of getting almost stuck in a wall. (it's a little difficult to tell what's happening, but look at the minimap to tell what's going on)
  6. Falconer - Mindtraveler Definitely enjoying this one - didn't know about this band before, but based on this one, I might have to go searching for their music. :3
  7. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real
  8. Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)
  9. Adraen - Lo Fi Rave Guy
  10. Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)
  11. Renard - Intensive Care Unit
  12. Daft Punk - Feel Alright (Klaypex Remix)
  13. Within Temptation - Sinéad
  14. Auto-Tune The News - Double Rainbow Song
  15. Breathe Carolina - Blackout (Paradigm Remix)