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  1. Some semi recent pictures (:
  2. Devon and I Finally graduated from tech school and High school (no picture yet) Prom 2012 My best friend And Lastly MY new tattoo <3
  3. Bubble i think that is because of all the accounts made for botting to be sold its causing non bot players to assume everyone else moving in the same direction is botting. However if someone sees a handful of players run to the same spot and back and fourth consistently than Im pretty sure its safe to say everyone of those 'players' are bots.
  4. Well first off I hate my iPod for making me scroll all the way down to the bottom. And yesterday while I was fishing at muss point next to brimhaven, in a free to play worldI don't think I have ever seen so many bots. It was crazy! I saw some of the names and hours after I left and came back they were still there. I don't understand why people wanna bot on an online game, what's the point?? :|
  5. Dyed my hair a little while ago any thoughts?
  6. meh sok i guess. *short hair is most recent (: