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  1. Well then... Serpent. Guess it's all on me...
  2. Fine then James. Though I might regret it, I'll base this game's outcome on trusting you. Who shall I kill tonight? Mega or Chaos?
  3. 1. Faulty logic. 2. If Serpent is an enemy, he's not a threat because he's inactive. Killing him would just be a waste of a townie's life today that we could save by killing the enemy on the other team. Mega, just vote for Swindler. Else no one is getting lynched today, and it's likely game over.
  4. *Walks into the church with a hand cannon* "You don't look so good. You should probably be lion down." *Blows Sumu's head off*
  5. My logic towards your actions still stands. As does my vote. McSwindler. There are 5 of us left. If we kill off a townie, it'll be 2 of us against 2 of them. And they have 2 night attacks. Killing Serpent would be the most idiotic move ever made.
  6. Anyway* Now to pick out that last Zamorakian...
  7. What does roleblocking have to do with the regular Mafia night kills? Are you saying they have to choose which of them will make a kill..? Because... I don't see that information anywhere on the thread... And even if that were so, Kittyhawk could have been the one that made the kill. The one who roleblocked you was killed, but he also died. Why can't the same be said for Kitty? *Clairvoyance* Oh I see what you were saying now. But Saradomin doesn't have a night role. He's just undetectable. He has a vote toward everything like a normal mafia, but has the added benefit of not being found. Unless of course, once again, you somehow know that the Mafia chooses who they want to attack... Too much false logic. You're either lying and hope we don't notice the mistake, or your logic failed big time. Let's make this a quick day. McSwindler.
  8. I can go with that... The Cardinal.
  9. Random voting time then?
  10. YouTube's being shoddy with its timers. 2:20-2:32.
  11. And I went from looking like an inactive to a nightplayer because why? Because Sumu and everyone else who voted for me. It's your fault I was pointed out. And you even voted for me AFTER I posted. His logic was that I was inactive. You said you were following that logic, but did so AFTER I posted. So you can take this and shove it. I somewhat randomly vote Capudie for angry reasons. Anyone have an issue with that?
  12. That you guys killed our detective? Well played. That now instead of looking like an inactive player, I'm now a target of the Mafia? Well played again. Why don't you give me YOUR thoughts so far other than "let's lynch inactive people who don't affect the game". That's an easy way for Mafia to thin numbers whilst looking helpful.