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  1. Cards Against Humanity March!

    Thank you for the turnout! Hope to see you next time!
  2. Cards Against Humanity March!

    Event starts in 1 hour and 5 minutes! Link will be posted in #events channel. Be sure to join the Discord Events voice channel to listen in! Music will be hosted, so turn the bot down to ~3 percent.
  3. Forum Update & Pruning

    Site runs 100x smoother! Thank you so much @Hitori!!!!!
  4. Time to die just as BM comes out.
  5. Cards Against Humanity! We're back! The RuneHQ Chat Moderator team has decided to try and run some events again. We want you, the community, to join us and have fun! Cards Against Humanity, a wacky game filled with all sorts of dirty, confusing, and most importantly horrific! cards. Battle against each other for the most amount of points, while causing laughter to those around you. Warning, though, because this game isn't always what you think it could be! This event will be on Saturday the 10th of March*, hosted by my fellow Chat staff! We shall hopefully all be there to play alongside you all. Voice optional, although would make the event TEN times better. Date of Event: Saturday 10th March* When: Here Where: Discord Events channel We hope to see you there! RuneHQ Chat Mods Team * This is BEFORE the United States' Daylight Savings Time changeover. Please be aware of that.
  6. Single best thing since sliced bread....

    Congrats Ksb!
  7. Chat Mods have taken the needle supply

    No! We don't want you! Okay, fine, you can stay... but no weeaboo stuff or we'll shun you from the team.
  8. Community Crew has gone all Squiggly!

    Enjoy the Blue!
  9. Owijie > Mario

    Lets make this a spectacular show of fire and donuts... oh wait that's me. Congratulations on becoming Admin. I am sure you'll make a wonderful addition!
  10. 200M Invention!

    Gzzz dude!
  11. Combat XP Advice - Old School

    Doing Arceuus favour in Great Kourend and turning in the books from the library gives you XP... I used it for Mage myself.
  12. Pesky Ads!

  13. Pesky Ads!

    Ever since this update, I have not seen a single forum ad. Just wanted to let you know!
  14. (ENDED) RHQ Runescape Meme Competition!

    I'd like to send my winnings back into the pot!