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  1. [ENDED] Forum Competition - Spot the Difference!

    Congrats to you 3! Curious - could we get a list of what was 'hidden' on the images?
  2. Quick they might see!

    seis (6)
  3. Greggg! Why u no online! :P

  4. Haven't been on here for awhile.. >.<

  5. Happy birthday, FireHazard! Hope it's great. :)

  6. 1 Month left until I turn 19...Wow time flies!

    1. Kate


      ooollldd maannnnn

  7. Happeh Birthday good sir!

  8. If you want to get out alive..

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    2. Sarawr


      Run for your life?

    3. Doctor Berry

      Doctor Berry

      Three Days Grace <3 saw them in concert once.

    4. Doctor Berry

      Doctor Berry

      Three Days Grace <3 saw them in concert once.

  9. Happy Birthday good sir. :P

  10. Happy Birthday good sir

  11. Got the job offer! Wooohooo! First actual paying job too! :D

    1. Big Mac

      Big Mac

      Congratulations, and may the Force be with you!

  12. FINALLY might get a actual job sometime within the next month - Submit an App, talked with the recruiting manager or w/e it is about a few specific jobs, had a part of the interview-process done..and a overall good feeling about all this!

  13. Nice to see you're still around. :P Haven't seen you in forever. (Dabomb772 from pre-RHQ site update in case you're wondering who I am)


    1. FireHazard772


      *Randomness aside: Happy birthday good sir. :)