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  1. seis (6)
  2. What forum theme/layout do you use? - IP.Board - IP.Board Mobile - RuneHQ - Azure - RuneHQ - Charcoal - Godless - Innovation4
  3. Unless I overlooked it, you don't have a link to your forums on main post. Also, if one is 18 but doesn't have 1500 TL, would they still be able to apply or must they meet both req's? Nice outline, btw. Best of luck!
  4. Could always screenshot it/take a picture with phone/camera. Whatever works best for you. -- Had a 2nd thought about my thread, so I figured I'd put my tips/pointers here rather than making a new thread. --- Items covered/mentioned: Known scams/tricks used In-Game Known E-mail Scams/Phishing attempts *To Be edited if more comes to mind later* Known Scams/Tricks used In-Game Most of these are pretty common, others may be ones used not as much. 1) #Billion Drop Party! Search INSERTLINEHERE on YouTube! -- This one I've seen being used more recently, and to my understanding, works this way: Someone spams in-game that they or someone they know is hosting a Drop-Party of great expense (IE 5B Drop party, etc), and advertising to search a phrase on YouTube. The video then asks you to check a 'thread on the RSOF (RuneScape Official Forums)' using the link they have in their video info/description section. However, the link will most of the time link-to a phishing site that looks Exactly like the login page to the RSOF. To be safe, go to the forums yourself by going to the Main RS page without using the link provided, and login to the forums from there. If the thread name or author of the thread is available, search it on the RSOF. Most of the time it won't show up, or if searching for the author, will show up with a empty-post-count section (AKA threads/topics they've responded to or created) on their forum profile. In Summary: Don't trust the user advertising a YouTube Drop Party. Report him for Advertising, Macroing/Use of bots (As most of the time they will be using a auto-typer - use your best judgement in this case) and Scamming. I'll edit this further later on - mind is goin too many places at once.
  5. Down to your elbows?
  6. Kinda off-topic and adding on to the first part of Stormy's post - but perhaps when trying to post the topics w/ problems/errors, put the Topic Name - Forum located - Who originally created the topic and/or Last reply to topic, in that order? Just a suggestion.
  7. 2 Did I mention we have brownies?
  8. In after I post, you mean?
  9. -1. The light side has brownies.
  10. Sorry, nope.
  11. :lol: Just yesterday I was selling junk that I had picked up the day before, got a good profit from it too (179k from the stuff I sold, plus around 500k worth of stuff I kept (Lots of potions, charged glories/ROW's, some other stuff). And knowing that the "Doubling Money" thing was sadly still going, and seeing someone do it right next to me, I gave it a shot with the 179k I got from the junk. Didn't go so well, but laughed my head off at it. Besides, what's 179k compared to 1M+.
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  13. 4
  14. Not a clue/10. PS: Old forum-account name = Dabomb772