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  1. Blitz log

    In the past month I have achieved: 99 Fishing 96 Herblore 95 Slayer 93 Farming 69 Invention This marks my 12th 99 and getting all skill level requirements for achievements
  2. Blitz log

    Over the DXPW I got 98 Fishing and 66 Invention
  3. Blitz log

    A to-do list on getting them gains. Progress will probably be slow but I have some time to put back into RS now. All skills 92+ (Halfway to 99) All skills 95+ (A nice number) Max skills Master of Firemaking Remaining Quests Dimension of Disaster (Additional rewards) [Special] Hero's Welcome [Experienced] The Light Within [Grandmaster] The Lord of Vampyrium [Master] Call of the Ancestors [Novice] Beneath Cursed Tides [Intermediate] Nomad's Elegy [Master] River of Blood [Grandmaster] Kindred Spirits [Experienced] Gower Quest [Experienced] Children of Mah [Grandmaster] Impressing the Locals [Novice] Sliske's Endgame [Grandmaster] Back to the Freezer [Master] The Jack of Spades [Novice] Crocodile Tears [Master] Our Man in the North [Master] 'Phite Club [Master] Remaining Area Achievements Overall: 62 Ardougne: 1 Desert: 5 Fremennik: 1 Karamja: 1 Menaphos: 14 Morytania: 18 Tirannwn: 3 Wilderness: 19
  4. *wakes up from slumber* Hello :)

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Hope


      Hello Oliver, nice to see you again.

    3. Darkblitz


      I've missed this place, I just wasn't able to make the time anymore. That's changing :) and I'm glad to see you're all still going strong

    4. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      We're all going strong :) glad to have you back!

  5. I'm Back

    Hey! I'm pretty sure you used to have a muffin as your avatar. Welcome back!
  6. Featured Staff Member Summer 2016!

  7. New forum award idea: Number of years on RHQ

    That's a cool idea I'll be at 11 years next month!
  8. Log of Darkblitz

    *dusts off topic* I've been doing bits and pieces here and there, silently updating my main post. Over the bonus weekend I got 99 Fletching and a couple of other random levels
  9. Log of Darkblitz

    My old log topic has been turned into sawdust and is nowhere to be found, so I thought I'd post up a new one. I have a large to-do list - which will probably end up turning into a road to max topic. Here we go! All skills 95+ Max skills Master of Firemaking Complete all Quests (includes additional rewards) Gower Quest Kindred Spirits River of Blood Nomad's Elegy Beneath Cursed Tides Call of the Ancestors The Lord of Vampyrium The Light Within Hero's Welcome Dimension of Disaster (Additional rewards) Achieve all levels required for Tasks Complete all Tasks Overall: 625/690 Ardougne: 60/61 Desert: 36/43 Fremennik: 38/40 Karamja: 46/47 Morytania: 33/51 Tirannwn: 51/54 Wilderness: 0/33 Unlock all Music Overall: 1042/1122 Aquarium (POH Aquarium) Blink (Dungeoneering) Dreadnaut (Dungeoneering) A Familiar Feeling (Familiarisation) Hope Devourer (Dungeoneering) Kal'Ger the Warmonger (Dungeoneering) Lair (Mort'ton shade catacombs) Torqueo VII, VIII (Dungeoneering) Undead Dungeon (Tarn's Lair) Victory is Mine (Champion's Challenge arena) World-gorger Shukarhazh (Dungeoneering) Zaros Zeitgeist (God Wars Dungeon)
  10. Rednar promoted to Clan Deputy Owner

  11. Darkblitz resigns from staff

    Thank you everyone for your kindness! I've met many people over the last 10 years and RuneHQ will always hold a special place to me. It helped me overcome life challenges and allowed me to lead and shape something amazing. On the mention of many hats, it's funny to think back on how much I've accomplished. I've held titles of Database Contributor, Content Editor, Content Manager, Events Team Member, Developer, Clan Staff (Deputy Owner), and Site Admin. I was responsible for trialing events in the Asia-Pacific regions, and co-created the Community Crew group. I learned from and mentored a lot of people, whilst trying to both move forward and provide damage control / support regardless of the situation at hand. I have learned a lot from all of these experiences and I'm a better person for it. I'll be sticking around in the game and clan, so you won't be getting rid of me that easily. I wish the clan and the staff at RuneHQ all the best going forward!
  12. Real Life Pictures

    Me at a picnic
  13. Koviana's Project RuneHQ

    I'd love to be part of this if you'll have me. I'm in the top-left of the Runefest art you did!
  14. Maxed

    Huge congratulations to you - well done!