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  1. Blitz log

    The Lord of Vampyrium quest complete!
  2. #15 - 99 Chemistry

    Thanks everyone Haha it feels like it! Time to settle down now
  3. Blitz log

    I'm trying to get through the quest list, probably look at getting my Divination up
  4. #15 - 99 Chemistry

    No more annoying Herblore potion dailies for meeee!
  5. #14 - 99 Cardio

    Thanks everyone! I don't have any interest in going that far when I still have a lot of other skills to boost up haha
  6. Blitz log

    Thanks everyone My latest 99 is Herblore! This is the last concurrent 99 that I was training, so I won't be getting more any time soon
  7. #14 - 99 Cardio

    This always seemed like a skill that was impossible. I'm happy to say I'll never have to do an agility course again!
  8. Blitz log

    The Light Within is complete and I achieved 99 Agility!
  9. Blitz log

    Thank you I finally finished unlocking all rewards from the Dimension of Disaster quest, and have finished off Hero's Welcome.
  10. #13 - 99 Bone Burial

    Thanks everyone
  11. #13 - 99 Bone Burial

    After a long road I have achieved 99 Prayer! Big thanks to the Christmas event for helping me along in the final two levels
  12. Blitz log

    Thank you! I got 98 Herblore, 99 Prayer, and completed: Back to the Freezer The Jack of Spades
  13. Blitz log

    Thank you! I now have 98 Prayer, 98 Agility, and 300m overall experience
  14. 99 #2 - Prayer

    That's a difficult skill to max, well done!
  15. 99 #1 - Agility

    Congratulations!! That's a lovely cape