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  1. #18 - 99 Slaying

    Grats Dark!
  2. February 2018 Accomplishments

    So proud of you Cara!
  3. 150M Dungeoneering

  4. DXP Gains + 1

    Hey guys, Here are my gains for DXP Weekend 120 Herblore - Almost 130m total - 30th place in all of RS for Herblore gains on DXP with 87.2m gained 120m Summoning Herbert the Herblore pet Shamini the Summoning pet and the day after DXP ended: Crabbe the Slayer pet which also unlocked the Jack of Blades title
  5. add me please, thanks
  6. Telle's list of thingies

    3.4b to go grats
  7. Mori's Junk

  8. 120 #4! Mining

    Got this beautiful cape yesterday on my birthday
  9. Petdecember number two: Brains!

    We got Morty on the same day... so where's my Brains? Congrats dude~!
  10. Heart pet <3

    Thanks peeps
  11. Heart pet <3

    Was doing some Twin Furies tonight and I got a new friend :3
  12. Achoo?

  13. (ENDED) Fantastic Fishing Competition

    Thanks for hosting! And great gains
  14. Add me please! RSN: Flama