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  1. (ENDED) Mad May Mining Competition!

    Add me please. Flams
  2. Please add Flams, thanks
  3. Crafty first hcim skill pet :)

    Thanks everyone
  4. Crafty first hcim skill pet :)

    It was kinda ... not appropriate for post XD Thanks
  5. Was just collecting some harmonic dust when....
  6. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

  7. Cara's End of March Progress

    Well done :). Keep it up!
  8. Flama's Dark Beast Log

    It shines every time I get a dark bow drop... lotd only increases drop chances by 1%.. but yeah, haven’t had anything close to 1/486 lol
  9. Flama's Dark Beast Log

    It's hard to track because RuneMetrics doesn't track them as rare drop table drops. They just stack whenever you get multiple of the same drop.... Noted items on the RDT become guesses as to how many RDT drops there were for them. That being said, I went through the log and estimated about 83 separate RDT drops for the week.
  10. Flama's Dark Beast Log

    Week 1! ~Kill Count~ 18,263 (26 elites) ------------------------------------- ~XP~ Overall: 41,331,332 Ranged: 15,956,547 Invention: 14,439,873 Constitution: 5,372,504 Slayer: 2,632,635 Farming: 1,493,575 Prayer: 872,883 ------------------------------------- ~GP~ 118.5m ------------------------------------- ~Rare Drops~ Sirenic Scale x23 Dark Bow x14 Crystal Triskelion Fragment x15
  11. 99 #2! Strength

    congratsssss!!! Let me know if you need another body for dg if you see me online!
  12. maxed hunter and div

    Grats! Very fast levels, you'll have the max cape in no time at all!
  13. Longest Goal Accomplished

    Congrats! Great accomplishment
  14. Flama's Dark Beast Log

    Hey guys, So I've decided to keep track of my Dark Beast kills and try to prestige them as many times as I can without going crazy. They are a great monster to kill for the rare drop table and I'm hoping to get a HSR in the process (dream big!!). My kill count when I started tracking was 35,000. GP gains WILL include big bones buried, seeds destroyed by seedicide. GP gains WILL NOT include death talismans or sharks as I won't be picking them up. (Chath, come pick them up :P) Updates will be done with a weekly post with GP/XP/KC totals. I will be using RuneMetrics to track all gains. Current Goals: Hazlemere's Signet Ring Drop ----- 0/1 Dark Beast Kill Count ---------------- 53k/60k(1st prestige) 120 Range (39m start) -------------- 55/104m 120 Constitution (50m start) --------- 56/104m 120 Slayer (47m start) ---------------- 49/104m 120 Farming (57m start) -------------- 58/104m 200m Invention (174m start) -------- 188/200m 120 Prayer (just for lulz 33m start) - 33/104m
  15. #18 - 99 Slaying

    Grats Dark!