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  1. 120 #4! Mining

    Got this beautiful cape yesterday on my birthday
  2. The G-Nome Project (xmas quest) guide

    Thanks Telle
  3. Petdecember number two: Brains!

    We got Morty on the same day... so where's my Brains? Congrats dude~!
  4. Heart pet <3

    Thanks peeps
  5. Heart pet <3

    Was doing some Twin Furies tonight and I got a new friend :3
  6. Achoo?

  7. Add me please! RSN: Flama
  8. What's your favorite moment(s) in any game?

    The saddest, yet most memorable moment of any video game I've ever played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx3duFYCcho
  9. Ninja Monkeyyyyy!

    Thanks everyone! =D
  10. Ninja Monkeyyyyy!

    While deciding to go for 108 agility and 2900 total, I got a nice surprise =D
  11. Yay! Nice gains everyone! Congrats to winners!
  12. Found something odd in the Dungeon.....

    yayyyyy! Gratssss!!!!
  13. Super Super Supercomp(ost)

    Well done! ^.^