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    I'm a sail maker by trade spent 15 yrs in the Australian army got out and went back to my trade . till injury made me retire. now i play RS when i'm not playing with my grankids.

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  1. Sliver's log he'll try to update

    nice going but you can do better
  2. 12th 99 was crafting

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. An Angel
    3. Kunio


      Can you craft me a sandwich?

      Oops, wrong skill. Grats!!!

    4. Hope


      Grats Sola! you are doing wonderful with the leveling

  3. got my 10th 99 and finished all tasks for arbougne

  4. To the RHQ Community

    Its with a sad heart that i say "sorry for your loss he will be missed"