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  1. Suggest a weapon!

    dun touch my Super Samurai Banana... I worked hard to earn and even better make that epic weapon of randomness. I actually wish now that I had set max str even higher to make it even more random. Maybe when our new awesome developers are done fixing the site up and all, maybe they can make our own version of forum battle since the current one's developers made this closed source and haven't updated it in like ever. I personally feel if you're going to abandon a project like that you should open source the code, that way others could play with it and possibly improve what you gave up on. Just the logical thing in my opinion
  2. Who's excited for Invention?

    I'm not looking fwd to it as a cash sink, not looking fwd to losing my max cape and not looking fwd to the amount of xp required to get 99 I am however looking fwd to having something new to do, i just wish there was like a 2 week or so mercy time where we could keep our max cape still. max guild is gonna be so empty... for a day or two
  3. Lucky items

    are you sure you don't have your purple's frozen?
  4. What items do you collect?

    Not sure if I have posted here yet, but I collect dragonstones... I have about 800 right now. I don't buy them, but when I get them from drops, tt, crystal key chests, etc I cut em and store em in the bank... never know when jagex will make a huge use out of them and their value will shoot up or I could sell em and make a little bit of emergency money if I needed to (like that should be needed since I have 209m cash pile right now)
  5. Solving Slider Puzzles

    yeah clues get solved super fast, it can tell you the answer for meg's questions in pop, xp meter (good to see what your xp/h is and also for afk training while watching movies or something), the dung tracker I mean gosh so many uses!
  6. Solving Slider Puzzles

    I use a 3rd party program to show me how to solve my puzzles. it's allowed by jagex because it doesn't interact with the game client it just takes a screenshot, analyzes it then makes a little white box overlay showing you where to click. avg puzzle takes me like 40 seconds max to solve and it also works for celtic knots. pretty dang useful but i can't link to it here due to our rules but I'll tell you it's called "alt1" (if a mod+ feels I should not mention the app name either feel free to edit it out, I see no harm though since it follows all jagex rules)
  7. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    there's a pc version... that's the one i play. I bought an xbox controller to make it easier... only thing i like about keyboard / mouse on gta is shooting range... lot easier to aim with mouse than controller.
  8. IRC and Teamspeak down

    did you try giving it cookies? maybe give it a hug too
  9. Forum battle gold giveaway

    what shoutbox.... we have no shoutbox anymore (I miss it).
  10. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    I sent in a request for invite... same name as here on forums except I had to use an _ between DJ and Phox. I play the PC version and still getting the hang of things.
  11. Join the RuneHQ Crew! (GTA V)

    I don't have this game or I'd join ya
  12. Suggest a weapon!

    and I'm perfectly fine with that hehe you can't can't expect anything less of me when you were able to kill me and you kept killing me over and over and over and over making me have to revive myself
  13. Suggest a weapon!

    *sniff* you think my genius idea was a joke wasn't a joke it was chaos. not my fault you're picky. I could have made it min str 21k max of 50k but limited only to my guild so only I could have used it....
  14. Suggest a weapon!

    There is a better weapon... has a max str usage 4k more than the nox sythe... that was just added like a month ago.
  15. Teamspeak/IRC is down.

    If I was the type who used irc or teamspeak often I prob would have let you know, oh well hopefully all can be fixed soon