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  1. It's getting a little colder now and it gets darker earlier on in the evening. But you know what the best way to combat these cold dark nights?? That's right a fire, and not just any fire, one so large that the whole world can feel the heat! So come and join RHQ in lighting a blaze for all to see! Only firemaking counts so make sure to gain huge amounts of experience and maybe even a Burnie pet! This is a Firemaking Skill Competition so only Firemaking experience will count! This is a regular skilling competition so the 3 previous winners from the Cooking Competition are not eligible for prizes (Chathmurrpau, KSB Single & Haxorze), Community Crew members & Management (Super Fly & Owain121) cannot win either. But please still participate for award progression! This competition will run for a week starting 00:00 UTC on Tuesday 21st of November until 00:00 UTC Wednesday 29th of November. Prizes are as follows: 1st Place- 10m GP 2nd Place- 5m GP 3rd Place- 3m GP Rules: 1. You can sign up for the competition at any time, even after the competition has started, but the tracker will track your XP from the moment you enter the competition, instead of from the start of the competition so you will be at a slight disadvantage. 2. If at any time you want to get removed from the competition, please let me know and I will remove you from the tracker 3. You MUST post the RSN you will use for the competition when signing up. 4. ANYONE CAN WIN PRIZES. 5. You must be in the hiscores to be able to participate. 6. Please keep all talk about the comp in a sportmanlike fashion. Failure to do so can result in disqualification. Tracker: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker-rs3/competitions.php?competition=291 Non Forum Account Holders: Once you have read the rules the code to PM with me ingame for signup is (The Cywir will set a blaze for all to see.) It is YOUR responsibility to keep up to date with the competition. So please ensure you keep an eye on it. Participants: Owain121 (Cannot win prizes) Chathmurrpau (Cannot win prizes) Super Fly (Cannot win prizes) Senug5 (Cannot win prizes) Moo Moo739 Telle- Cold Summer Sirius XM Zooom - Armahkarma KSB Single (Cannot win prizes) Loucetious Katalex Aaros Wick Swift With Faith Haxorze (Cannot win prizes) Numerous One Pixelatic St Squiggy (Cannot win prizes) Have fun and set the world on fire!
  2. Anime Discussion

    I love pokemon. Such an idepth story line, great character not enough plot though for me. Love the creatures
  3. (ENDED)Scary hide and seek

    Only 1 more day left to find us !
  4. The dream is dead again.

    1. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      Not for long ;) bossing you and me tonight.

  5. Due to lack of activity Morril has been removed from the Community Crew. The Community Crew Management team would like to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to RuneHQ over the past year. Please P/M any goodbyes and thank you's to Morril.
  6. So it only took you 3 months to move on? Interesting.

  7. Happy Birthday i guess...

  8. I was once told I'd never be alone again. And yet here I lay in bed in an empty house.

    1. ChathMurrpau


      but you aren't alone, do you have any idea how much bacteria is living on/in you right now?

    2. senug


      You're not alone Owain :) you still got all of us ;)

  9. A brief and sad announcement.

    It is with a heavy heart I would like to inform you that Rooskii and I are no longer together. I will not go into any further detail but I thought it would be best to cover it briefly here as it all started thanks to RHQ. I'm extremely sad to see it end and I hoped it never would. I'll be taking a break from RHQ to recover and will be back in the future. Owain121 The Lone Cywir Elf
  10. [ENDED] Mad May Double XP Competition

    PSA to all competitors, due to high serverload and traffic on the trackers site, it is not recording everyones xp gains since dxp. Do not worry if this happens I will manually find your xp gains at the end of the comp. I am the mad elf and i have my mysterious ways to watch you.
  11. [ENDED] Mad May Double XP Competition

    Added in but late
  12. [ENDED] Mad May Double XP Competition

    If it doesnt track, I'll see if i can find it elsehwere
  13. [ENDED] Mad May Double XP Competition