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  1. Pet Drop

    Ayy! Back to back drops at Vindicta is awesome! Grats Mori
  2. Hax's bosspets and other gains

  3. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    Naah, my Rax rng is quite dead atm :/
  4. Beginner Things

    Slayer is a lot more profitable at higher levels, yes. But you can still get some starting cash from the lower level monsters. Also a great way to get used to the combat in game, wich opens up for bosses and such later on. A good way to start off might be to train some of your gathering skills like mining, woodcutting and fishing, and then selling some of the stuff you gather. I also think making flax to bowstrings are quite some profit still, though it might seem slow and grindy. So slayer/PvM is probably the most viable method to get cash, even if it seems slower at lower levels. Try a few things out, find a method you enjoy doing and just have fun with the game! That is after all the most important part And if there is anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to PM me in game.
  5. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    To be completely honest, he was the pet I liked the least from the concept art. But he is so amazingly cute!
  6. Congratulations everyone!
  7. Am I smart now?

    Some fishing as well, but mainly combat
  8. Hax's bosspets and other gains

  9. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    So the hunt for prayer pet begins! And: