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  1. Item Name: Pyjama slippers Type of Submission (Edit or Add): Add Image: Proofshot Image: Shop Price Currency: coins Specialty Shop Price: High Alchemy Reward: 6000 Low Alchemy Reward: GEID: GE Buy Limit: Tradable (Yes or No): Yes Stackable (Yes or No): No Can be equipped (Yes or No): Yes Member-Only (Yes or No): Yes Retain After Quest (Yes, No or N/A): N/A Is a 2-handed weapon (Yes or No): No Item Category: Armor and Clothing Equipment Location: Boots Equipment Purpose: Multipurpose equipment Item Stats: N/A Weight: 0kg Examine Info: Sleep tight, don't let the harpie bugs bite! Proofshot of Examine: Item Effects/Uses: Cosmetic item Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make: None Location/Where Found: Master clue scroll reward Other Information: Submitted by: Haxorze
  2. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    Tried out the new Master clues, and got one of the new items
  3. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    Pet luck is turning!
  4. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    No new drops or anything, but this is what I'm currently working on besides some comp reqs:
  5. (Ended) Christmas Wordsearch!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the wordsearch! I have taken the names who sent me their correct answers and added them into a randomizer to get the 3 winners: Congratulations to Zandahar, Numerous One and Dorky Girl on winning the prices! You can contact me to get them delivered to you.
  6. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    This is my second combat pet
  7. Merry christmas RuneHQ! Christmas day is soon upon us. So why not make the time pass by a little faster doing a wordsearch with a festive topic? Fifteen (15) words are hidden in this mess of letters. Do you think you can you find them all? Rules: Send me a screenshot of your solution in PM Do NOT give away the answers to others Competition will run for 1 week (21st of December - 28th of December) Words can only go horizontal (left or right) or vertical (up or down) Winners will be drawn at random from everyone with 15 correct. (3 people) Prices: 1st - 5m 2nd - 3m 3rd - 1m Good luck and happy wordhunt everyone!
  8. Pet Drop

    Ayy! Back to back drops at Vindicta is awesome! Grats Mori
  9. Hax's bosspets and other gains

    Naah, my Rax rng is quite dead atm :/