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  1. 3ter 1 posted for the first time in awhile.

  2. Major Goal: Finish theorycrafting new PC build! RS 'Phite Club Pieces of Hate get that Quest Cape!! Not a very big list of goals I know, but I've got a bunch of major IRL stuff to deal with
  3. Pesky Ads!

    Copied, pasted, and editted from the Staff Ad Blocker post: I like these changes, they make things much more user friendly. However, the changes may have introduced an issue. I turned off my ad blocker when I joined staff, and then today my malware sweeper (Malwarebytes) had to keep blocking some of them anyway, which would then cause pages to crash. I agree that it makes a lot of sense for staff to keep ad blockers off since we bring in a lot of revenue that way, but I can't work on editting when the pages I'm working with repeatedly crash. Any suggestions/fixes?
  4. HYYYYYPE! Can we see all the submissions?
  5. First one down =3

    I always appreciate your puns
  6. So I had a bunch of stuff just sitting around, turns out it was level 99 in Prayer and Summoning! Just had to unbank and process there, and here I am :3
  7. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    I have recently gotten my 2nd and 3rd 99s, Prayer and Summoning!
  8. Where is the key?

    Brass key. Go down into the Edgeville Dungeon and make your way south. It connects to the hill giants room, and just before it does there's a small room off to the east where the key respawns, Happy hunting!
  9. Happy Birthday 3ter1!!

  10. TOP PRIORITY: Build new PC! Runescape Complete Brink of Extinction. SUCCESS! Complete Our Man in the North. SUCCESS!
  11. 3ter's gaming goals for January 2018

    Finished everything this month! Now to go to bed. WOOHOO
  12. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    Divination +1 level (94 -> 95) Back to the Freezer Completed
  13. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but you don't have any retirement funds or money to support yourself. Gosh that hits close to home doesn't it? Wish: My computer could run all my games at a playable graphics setting.
  14. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted: You can only do it if you are on fire. Wish: I wish I could actually aim in FPS games.
  15. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted: It's a greenhouse on the equator. Wish: I wish I was capable of casually handling 50 Lbs of weight.