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  1. So I am a fairly casual MTG player, and every now and then I make a deck just for the kicks. I have played exclusively casual format for a very long time, but I'm finally making a Commander/EDH deck. I'm struggling to weed the deck down to 100 total cards, so I was hoping that there were some players in the RHQ community who would be curious enough to look over my current draft. The deck is mostly meant to build up a ridiculous amount of land and mana, and then have all the lands come alive and have the team turn sideways for the win. The cards in the sideboard are just the second side of the cards that transform, so I know what to buy if I decide to actually make this deck.
  2. Runescape 83 Invention (Started at 79, currently 80) Build up to 20m in the bank again (started at 5m, currently 7.8m) Complete the following quests: Evil Dave's Big Day Out Dimension of Disaster League of Legends Get Mastery 6 on Nocturne (Started with 1 of 2 tokens, currently have 2) SUCCESS! Get Mastery 5 with Malzahar (Started at 4, currently 4) Get Mastery 5 with Sona (Not support, but mid; Started at 1, currently 1)
  3. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    Thresh Mastery 4 --> 5
  4. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    RS Attack, Strength, Slayer - +! level (95, 95, 97) Invention +3 levels (79)
  5. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    +1 level: Farming, Runecrafting, Summoning (95, 92, 97) Sliske's Endgame completed
  6. Surge but not escape?

    File: quest/sliskes-endgame Section: quest Members: Yes Username: Info: In step 14 the magic ability surge is mentioned, but not its counterpart for ranged, escape.
  7. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    Woodcutting +1 level Sliske's Endgame started. Mazes done, stuck on boss fights.
  8. Runescape Complete the following quests: Sliske's Endgame SUCCESS! I finally learned how to use BoB in a fight! Farming 94 (Started at 93, currently 94) SUCCESS! Diablo 3 Get the following items for my Necromancer: SUCCESS! Krem's Buff Belt Rathma's Ossified Sabatons (Boots) Lornelle's Sunstone (Ring) Circle of Nailuj's Evol (Ring) Jesseth's Skullscythe (Scythe, Main Hand) Jesseth's Skullshield (Shield, Off Hand) Kill 1000 Enemies using corpses ( 1000 / 1000 ) SUCCESS! Kill 5000 cursed Enemies ( 5000 / 5000 ) SUCCESS! Kill 500 Elites using Command Skeletons ( 500 / 500 ) SUCCESS! League of Legends Get mastery 5 Ahri (Started with 4, currently 5) SUCCESS!
  9. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    Hunter, Fishing, Farming, Mining +1 level Hero's Welcome Completed Alistar: Mastery 5
  10. 3ter's gaming goals for October 2017

    This month's progress: Runescape Complete the following quests: Hero's Welcome SUCCESS! Sliske's Endgame Failed Farming 94 (Started at 91, currently 93) Looking at the numbers, I will likely fail this goal, but I have all the materials to get it. Magic trees just take too long to mature. Failed League of Legends Get mastery 5 with the following champions: Pantheon (Started with 4, currently 5) SUCCESS! Alistar (Started with 4, currently 5) SUCCESS! Ahri (Started with 4, currently 4) Failed
  11. Submission Added:Gardener Payments can be noted

    Correction: That entire section needs to have the travel methods examined, it's all pre-lodestone.
  12. Submission Added:Gardener Payments can be noted

    Oh! And the fruit tree by the gnome maze is also easily accessed by yanille lodestone as well
  13. File: skill/farming Section: skill Members: Yes Username: Info: I've played this game over 11 years now and I didn't know this until today. Please add it to the beginning of the gardener payments section.
  14. 3ter's Long Term Gaming Log

    Fishing and Farming +1 Monies? What moneys Had to spend almost all of it to get them farming XPs! I'm down to under 5M again feelssaltman
  15. What are you currently listening to?

    The people upstairs failing to make their kids shut up - #Apartmentlifesucks haha yeah I know it's not a song. For reals though, listening to: "Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton