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  1. 75 dung

    Alright. Any advice for herblore?
  2. 75 prayer

    One step closer... (Anyone know of a good dungeoneering team?)
  3. 75 summoning

    Only 5 skills left (and some quests), then it's time for Priff.
  4. DXPW gains

    I know there's still some time left but I doubt I'll get any more accomplishments. (In addition to this I also got 64 ranged, 81 divination, 88 constitution & 95 smithing.)
  5. 2016 Goals?

    Gain cash and (hopefully) a pet or two. (That said, I hope to reach 99 magic this upcoming BXPW. Currently 97.)
  6. 80 crafting

    AND 2000 total. See y'all at the invention guild.
  7. Wizard tower icons?

    Say, anyone that understands the purpose of the bank and minigame icons in wizard's tower? (Same floor as Sedridor.) I've been thinking about it for a while but have no solution.
  8. 70 crafting

    Don't have one.
  9. 70 crafting

    So I got 70 crafting yesterday. Any advice on how to get the last 10 levels before I go nuts?
  10. Goals for June, How did your May go?

    My goal is to get some more QP. Only have 152 after 10 and a half year of playing. (I've always found questing boring and time consuming.)
  11. Any construction advice?

    So the only thing you really need is a prayer room and an aquarium? Thanks, I'll build my prayer room tomorrow then. (If I don't already have it, that is.) Now the only question left is how to get the remaining 11 and a half million xp.
  12. Any construction advice?

    So, I'm 77 construction and it suddenly occured to me that I don't know what I want out of my house. Any advice to what I should do now? (For help, the current layout of my house is as follows. 'o' means room, x means no room and p is the portal.) xoo opo ooo xxo
  13. Questing vs. Skilling

    Skilling. I just can't bother to get all the required items for a quest. (God...)